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I would like to hear the same answers as Amy!

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Hi, everyone,

Preferably more nitty and less gritty.

We are finally looking at getting acoustic panels installed in our new library - thank goodness. A lot of it is regular old acoustic ceiling tiles, but we are also working on figuring out solutions that could include wall panels and/or hanging baffles/sculpture type objects. This has generated questions for me about cleaning/maintenance, and there are so many types of products made out of so many different things.

1.      Do you regularly do anything to clean your wall or hanging acoustic panels? If so, what?

2.      Is there anything you particularly love in your acoustic world?

3.      Is there anything you particularly hate and would never do again?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom!

Amy C. Hutchinson, Library Director
Lake County Library District
26 South G St
Lakeview, OR 97630

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