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 This Week's Tech-Talk: Word

1. VIDEO ... Take Control of Multi-Page Tables
2. ARTICLE ...  Take Control of Multi-Page Tables
3. COMMUNICATING ... Presenting - Drop the Pitch of Your Voice

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INTERNET - WORD - Take Control of Multi-Page Tables

[Word Tables]

The other day I was working in a document that a colleague sent me which had a table-full of info, rolling into a few different pages.

When I got to the second (and third) pages, I had to scroll back to the top of first to remind myself of the column headings.

And... when I tried to add more content to a table cell, the column widened ... messing up her careful formatting. What a pain!

When working in larger tables that flow across several pages, there are a few changes in formatting you can make so that your table is easier to read, and the columns and rows won't frustratingly change size as you add new content.

There are two things you can do to prevent these irritating occurrences: 1) Set the headings to repeat on each page, and 2) Set (or freeze) the size of columns and rows.

How To Repeat a Table Heading on Subsequent Pages

When you have a table in a Word document that rolls into two or more pages, you can make it easier for the reader by just checking a box to display the table headings on every subsequent page.

·     Within your table at the top, click the heading row that you would like to repeat on each page.

·     Right-click and choose Table Properties, in the Row tab, check the box that says Repeat as header row at the top of each page. Then Ok.

[Table header row]

·     Or, with your header row selected, go the Layout tab under Table Tools in the ribbon, and in the right section under Data, click the Repeat Header Rows option. It will highlight that option.

[Table header row]

NOTE: If you need to make changes to the header row content in the future, you must do it in the original (first page) row. Heading rows on subsequent pages are locked. When you make a change in the first row, it will update on all pages.

HOWEVER: If you have made a manual page break in your table, the heading row will not repeat.

How to Freeze Table Rows and Columns

Sometimes Tables have a mind of their own! When you type or copy/paste content into cells, they grow based on the amount of words. That can be helpful, but when it's not, here's a fix.

You will need to first designate the size of the cells. You can do this for:

1.  Your whole table -- by clicking the box in the upper left corner of your table to highlight the whole thing,
2.  A section of rows -- by highlighting several at one time.
3.  One row only -- by clicking in a single cell in that row.

Once you have your row selection highlighted:

·     Right-click and choose Table Properties.

·     Go to the Row tab and check the box to Specify height; enter a value for the row height, and change the “Row height is” to Exactly from the drop-down menu.

[Word table]

One final step so that Autofit won't automatically adjust your table or column width.

·     Select your Table to highlight it.
·     In the Table Tools Layout tab, in the Cell Size section, click on Autofit and choose Fixed Column Width.

[autofit settings]

Now your Table will be formatted the way you intended!


Communicating: Presenting
Drop the pitch of your voice

There are multiple ways of presenting these days. You could stand up in front of an audience, be a speaker in a webinar or make a voice-over video ... to name a few.

In all cases, you may find yourself creating a set of slides (often in PowerPoint) with text that you could "read" as your talking points. That's good. You've thought it through. You have a narrative flow.

I'm sure your intention is to present the material so that it in no way sounds as if you are reading it ... even if you are. You want to be conversational.

It's best if you can sound as if you are saying it for the first time. That you're talking with the folks in the audience, rather than at them.

Here's a simple technique that will do the trick every time. Drop the pitch of your voice. When you start talking lower, you'll sound more relaxed and believable.

On top of that, what you say will be better received by the audience. They'll hear your message and give it greater trust.


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