[Libs-Or] The latest issue of the OLA Quarterly is now available! Successful Library Programming

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Sun Apr 8 23:16:17 PDT 2018

The winter issue of the OLA Quarterly is now available! See:

The theme is Sushi, STEM, or Goat Yoga: Successful Library Programming and
the Guest Editor is Esther Moberg, Director of Seaside Public Library, and
vice president/president-elect of the Oregon Library Association.

>From Esther's introduction, "Llamas, Adulting 101, Henna Art, Raptors, and
Trivia. Most people in Oregon typically would not think of these words in
connection with their local library. Yet, all of these are programs that
have been served up in our local libraries just in the past year alone.
With hundreds of programs covering even more diverse topics than these,
perhaps the more typical things people think about when it comes to
programs are an author talk, storytime, or book talk in the library. These are
still staple library programs, but with this Oregon Library Association
Quarterly issue we will be sharing some unique ideas that you can replicate
at your library. From coffee and conversations to build community
relationships to llamas (yes, llamas!) to encouraging upcycling, the common
thread of all of the programs in this edition of the Oregon Library
Association Quarterly is that they are replicable and they come with
“Here’s what worked, here’s what didn’t work,” feedback from your
colleagues to hopefully help you jump-start your own ideas of what is
possible at your library. Each community is unique, and most librarians
typically know their own community and what may or may not work well."

This is a wonderful issue, with a lot of new ideas you can use in your
library.  See if someone you know wrote an article!  Feel free to share it
far and wide!  We hope you like it!
Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications Committee Chair
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