[Libs-Or] lengths of time you remove people from the library

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We follow the municipal code, which stipulates that patrons must be warned before being excluded, and exclusions are for 30, 90, and 180 days in most cases. There are some exceptions for criminal behavior where we can skip over the warning and shorter timeframes. Less formally, for more nuisance-type behaviors, before we issue a thirty day trespass order, we usually not only warn the patron and give them opportunity to correct the behavior, we'll also take the step of asking them to leave for the day. So practically speaking, if someone's engaging in a behavior like using their electronic device in a way that disturbs others, it looks like this:

1st offense: warning
2nd offense the same day: ask to leave for the day
3rd offense or refusal to leave: 30 day trespass
4th offense after the trespass: 90 days
5th offense: 180 days

We don't really have a provision for banning someone permanently.

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Hello Collective library brain -

If you have a chart of how long you remove people from the library for behavior issues and are willing to share, I would be grateful.  For instance 1st offense 3 months, 2nd offense 6 month, etc. Thanks

Samantha Pierson
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