[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Author Showcase: Ann Scheppke, Salem Public Library

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Mon Apr 30 14:40:29 PDT 2018

In her brand new article, “The Art of the Trade: A New/Old Take on Resource
Sharing,” Ann Scheppke reports on fun, practical, and educational financial
literacy programs at the Salem Public Library which involved a traveling
exhibit, a blue jeans swap, and an arts and craft supply swap. Please
download and read it here:

>From her article, “Their program director, Jessica Ramey, and I hatched a
plan for a back-to-school blue jeans swap, reasoning that conservation of
resources applies as much to the environment as it does to families’
wardrobes and bank accounts, and that people who would come to the library
for free back-to-school clothes might not be the same people who would sign
themselves up for a class on budgets or investments. Our theory was that if
we could get people into the building for free jeans, they would discover
the fabulous Thinking Money exhibit and perhaps learn something new. Our
program plan was simple: encourage people to, ahem, drop their pants at the
Library ...”

To learn more about the results and lessons of these wonderful programs,
please read on.

Thank you,
Charles Wood
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