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 This Week's Topic: WORD

1. VIDEO ... Choosing Between Footnotes & Endnotes (and how to create them)
2. ARTICLE ... Choosing Between Footnotes & Endnotes (and how to create them)
3. COMMUNICATING ... "May I steal a minute of your time?"

[Footnotes or Endnotes]

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001c8JLqU-0dkmwrCLWEd4hAZz9jDqEeuWCsqJ4fYmx3mB5e3jjgxJZk5SXvhm0GwFH4tOjgpn3Y7_Z-m44ag0jSzTfxg18uUQSiOLlpc63nfj8M1QYG-X9LDcVlDjO8wS3RCTBE_fpHcXn1e6sjal7v8fy-3uV7ZlO8DatCsVVE9v_Tn9g1TONazOajUpcq8QzoMuEtr-yCM1vS12Cyqm-PRzdnQAOdNV5kWgOfKSD5TQix8vJD9RE0Y2mRgylpBBtRzjEDgYNjzG0MiquBAWXgw==&c=TXSpUNnxx6e8z9e06iBLeXkcV15Yx9Dj-dMNZQRdsraCFHdQbcAnnw==&ch=7pX5G-PC6ykNcWFM7HRipuhpbwYDlm_UaabmcAuEAyJ1x0-tvtzRNw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001c8JLqU-0dkmwrCLWEd4hAZz9jDqEeuWCsqJ4fYmx3mB5e3jjgxJZk5SXvhm0GwFHKQb5fD3hYniigvzGoBE8uWbI9xiaYP5DeN-lWz9oykwD9feGy3anfpKvhZH5FkKjl_96u5JtiTgTmd0MwpbzyDkJqtvSW2S9oag0h8YOsjox3Gk2wIZZ7TMJ8jWBmndWnHZyJUyTWJPPf8S4mrWlPBj7LJTfn2S3LboRywCniWNImxNwdJd06ci-zqOxOA5I0VZJpZBAwOOsg0ZjkjQ7KA==&c=TXSpUNnxx6e8z9e06iBLeXkcV15Yx9Dj-dMNZQRdsraCFHdQbcAnnw==&ch=7pX5G-PC6ykNcWFM7HRipuhpbwYDlm_UaabmcAuEAyJ1x0-tvtzRNw==>

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Tech-Talk: Word -- Choosing Between Footnotes & Endnotes
(And How to Create Them)

I was summarizing some data in a white paper the other day and one of the references I noted was very long. When I inserted the footnote for the citation it literally took up about a quarter of the page. It made the page look cluttered and hard to read.

I decided that for this particular document I'd switch to using Endnotes instead of Footnotes. I needed to cite my references, but displaying these at the end of the paper worked better in this case.

We know that Footnotes and Endnotes are used for:

·     Citing sources of content for material summarized or paraphrased
·     Including a list of resources
·     Adding Copyright permission
·     Including Bibliographical info
·     Adding comments
·     Clarifying with definitions or examples

Footnote Example:


What is the difference between a Footnote and an Endnote?

Basically, the main difference between using Footnotes and Endnotes is where they are placed in the document. They look the same but Footnotes will appear at the bottom of the page where the reference is cited. And Endnotes are placed at the end of a paper... in an "Endnotes" section.

Footnotes and Endnotes are very similar though. They both are notated with a superscript number or symbol placed at the end of a sentence. The matching number for the note appears at the beginning of the corresponding Footnote or Endnote.

Endnote Example:

[Endnote example]

How Do You Choose Which to Use?

In an educational setting, the requirements for the paper may dictate your choice. But if it's up to you to decide, here are a few things to consider.

With Footnotes (Bottom of Page)…

·     The reader of the paper can see the citation at the bottom of the page and not need to flip to the back to read it.

·     However, if the Footnotes are lengthy, it can dominate the page and be a distraction.

With Endnotes (End of Paper or Section)…

·     Your document may be easier to read without the clutter at the bottom of a page.

·     Readers can view all references as a whole, grouped together.

·     Conversely, readers will need to flip to the back of the document multiple times if they want to view the reference as they're reading.

TIP: You can use both Footnotes and Endnotes in the same document if desired.

How to Insert Footnotes and Endnotes

With your Word document open:

·     Click on the page where you want to add the reference to either the Footnote or Endnote.

·     Go to the References tab and select either Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote.

[Insert foot or endnote]

·     Type the text that you want to appear in the Footnote or Endnote. By default, Footnotes will be shown with superscript numbers and Endnotes are represented with Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.).

·     To return to your place in the document, double-click the number (or symbol) at the beginning of the note you just created.

·     The Footnote will automatically be added at the bottom of the page with a dividing line. And the Endnote will be placed at the end of the document.

Change the Formatting of Your Footnote or Endnote

[Footnote change]

If you want to make changes to the Footnote or Endnotes location in the document, format or numbering:

·     In the References tab, in the Footnotes section, click the downward arrow in the bottom right of that box.

·     The formatting window will open. Make your changes.

·     Be sure to click the Apply button when you are finished.

[edit footnote style]

Edit or Delete a Foot or Endnote

If you need to make changes to an existing Foot or Endnote that you've added, it's easy!

To edit:

·     Go to the place in your document with the Footnote or Endnote citation (at the bottom of a page or the end of the document), click inside of it and make your updates.
·     Then click anywhere inside the document to leave that area.

To delete:

·     Go to the place in the document with the number/symbol in the body of the document (like 1 or i).
·     Delete that number/symbol.
·     The corresponding Foot or Endnote will disappear.

One Final Trick ... You've Changed Your Mind!

Say you've created a Footnote and you want to change it to an Endnote instead (or you want to convert an Endnote to a Footnote).

·     Highlight the text in the particular entry (footnote or endnote) at the bottom.

·     Right-click and choose the option to Convert to Endnote (or Convert to Footnote). It will pop in place.

If you want to change ALL Footnotes to Endnotes (or Endnotes to Footnotes) in your entire document, you don't have to do these individually.

[convert footnote]

·     Visit the Reference tab.

·     Click the downward arrow in the bottom right of the Footnote section.

·     At the top choose either Footnote or Endnote.

·     Click the Convert button and make your change.


Communications: Talking
"May I steal a minute of your time?"

You're picking up the phone to make a call. You don't have a scheduled session, but you'd like to chat.

Or perhaps you're peeking into a cubicle hoping to talk with someone, but you don't have an appointment. Basically, you're about to interrupt a person's day because you need something.

One way to be respectful of other people's time is to recognize that you are asking for something valuable ... and communicate that.

Whether you're seeking an audience so that you can pitch an idea or you need advice from a colleague, opening with, "May I steal a minute of your time?" (Or, if you prefer, "... a few minutes of your time") is a great way to ask for permission to talk.

When you start this way, you gain the person's attention more quickly and a more open mind.


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