[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Author Showcase: Mathew Brock, Mazama Library

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Wed Aug 1 19:25:50 PDT 2018

 Mathew Brock is the Library and Historical Collections Manager for the
Mazamas, a 124-year-old mountaineering organization based in Portland,
Oregon. Please download and read his latest article, “Monographs,
Manuscripts, and Mountaineering: An Overview of the Mazama Library and
Historical Collections,” here:

>From Mathew’s article: “The Mazama LHC continues to receive strong support
for the library, its staff, and long-term goals. In February of 2015, the
Mazamas hired me as part-time librarian to assume management of the library
from the dedicated core of volunteers who had overseen it for many years. I
was pleased when, in October 2017, my position was expanded to full-time
status. Since being hired, I have aspired to reinvigorate the library and
historical collections by increasing awareness of and access to the
collections. In June 2017, with the help of a hardworking group of
volunteers, the library catalog was put online, and the entire circulating
collection was barcoded. The new system has broadened collection awareness,
and circulation is up month after month.”

And if you often thought about the mountains that you may see on your way
to work in the morning, and wondered about how to spend some time in them,
please check out https://mazamas.org/. Perhaps there is a hiking, climbing,
or travel trip that fits your dreams.

Thank you,

Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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