[Libs-Or] Congratulations to OLA Leadership Development Scholarship Winners!

Elaine Hirsch elaineghirsch at lclark.edu
Wed Aug 22 14:25:07 PDT 2018

The OLA Leadership Development Committee is pleased to announce that Kim
Read, Dean of the Libraries at Concordia University, and Colleen Sanders,
Reference and Instruction Librarian at Clackamas Community College, have
each been awarded $500 scholarships to support their attendance at upcoming
professional development seminars.

[image: black and white 2018 (1).jpg]

Kim Read will attend the Reframing Racism Series at the Center for Equity
and Inclusion (CEI) in Portland this fall.  The series is designed to help
individuals become more racially conscious, culturally competent, and
understand how racism operates and what can be done about it. It will
inform Kim's work developing cultural competency trainings for library
faculty and staff as well as her service on the College of Education (COE)
Equity Committee, a group of faculty and staff who plan and lead
professional development related to equity and inclusion at Concordia.  She
is excited to share this experience with the broader Oregon library
community as well.

[image: IMG_0001.JPG]

Colleen Sanders will use her scholarship to attend the Race & Pedagogy
National Conference (RPNC) at the University of Puget Sound in September.
Every four years the University of Puget Sound and the Race & Pedagogy
Institute invite participants to engage issues of race and discuss the
impact of race on education.  The conference will develop Colleen's
leadership skills of risk taking, critical inquiry, working with diverse
groups, facilitating inclusion, and building work environments based on
trust and creativity. Colleen is eager to bring back resources and
strategies to inform her work as a librarian and to share with information
practitioners in Oregon.

Applications for the OLA Leadership Development Scholarship
<https://www.olaweb.org/scholarships-ola> are reviewed three times a  year
to support OLA members in developing their leadership abilities.  The next
application deadline is November 30, 2018.

Elaine Hirsch
OLA Leadership Committee
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