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Clare Sobotka sobotkc at linnbenton.edu
Tue Aug 28 10:39:45 PDT 2018

*Apologies for cross-posting. *

Why does Answerland need mentors? To be successful, new Answerland
librarians need support and feedback. New librarians on Answerland may not
have experience on a reference desk or with chat reference, and are
learning new software at the same time. Offering a mentoring program to
these librarians is one of the ways that Answerland helps them be
successful while also helping our community to grow.

What will I be doing? You’ll be checking in with your mentee once a week
for about two months. Being a mentor may involve helping a librarian
practice using Answerland software, being available during shifts (if
schedules allow), reading through transcripts, and giving feedback. Mentors
may work with a mentee at their library or a mentee in another part of the
state. (Detailed guidelines can be found on the Mentor a Librarian page
<https://answerland.org/get-involved/mentor-a-librarian/> on
Answerland.org.) You don’t need to commit for an extended time period. If
after mentoring once you choose not to do it again, or if you can only
mentor once a year or so, we still welcome your participation.

Am I ready to be a mentor? To be a mentor you should:


   Have at least one year of experience staffing Answerland..

   Want to work with new librarians (often volunteers) to teach them about

   Be able to evaluate transcripts using the rubrics from the Quality Team
   <https://answerland.org/about-us/quality-team/> to help new Answerland
   librarians grow and improve.

   Love Oregon libraries!

Will I get support? Yes! The Answerland Quality Team and the Answerland
Coordinator are always happy to answer questions, address concerns, express
our gratitude, etc.

How do I apply? To apply to be a mentor, please contact us
<https://answerland.org/contact/>. If you do not have at least one year of
experience staffing Answerland at a partner library, please contact a
member of the Quality Team
<https://answerland.org/about-us/quality-team/#memberlist> before
submitting the application.

More questions? Contact any member of the Quality Team: Valerie Florez (
valpg at alum.calberkeley.org), Joanna Milner (joannam at multcolib.org), Heidi
Senior (senior at up.edu) or Clare Sobotka (sobotkc at linnbenton.edu).

Thank you,
Clare Sobotka on behalf of the Answerland Quality Team

Clare Sobotka
LBCC HOC Library Reference Assistant
300 Mullins Dr. Lebanon, OR 97355
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