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Would you like increased community support for funding for your library?

Library funding is almost entirely motivated and influenced by the
political structures of their communities. In fact, over 90% of funding
comes from the will of the local voters and the local politicians and
another 8% is politically motivated at the state and national level.
Unfortunately, in the last ten years we’ve seen large anti-tax and
anti-government organizations turn their vast resources to fight against
funding for libraries. For example, according to OCLC’s recent report,
"From Awareness to Funding," libraries have lost significant support for
tax funding.

That’s why we developed this course, starting July 16th, to teach library
staff and supporters to understand how to navigate this highly political
funding environment.

*Visit fundlibraries.org <http://fundlibraries.org> to register and for
more information *

Throughout this course you’ll get an inside look at how major political and
cause related organizations build networks of power to influence voters,
supporters, and politicians. We’ll talk about how we can put the strategies
and tactics that they use into measureable action to benefit library
funding. That means that library staff and supporters will be able to
create more successful campaigns for funding their libraries.

This course is broadly designed for libraries of all sizes and staff at all
levels as well as members of a wide range of advocacy groups like
associations, Friends, and Foundations. Throughout the course we will
discuss winning ballot initiatives, creating community movements, and
rallying supporters in your community to take meaningful action for your

If you’re interested in this 12 week course from ALA Editions and SJSU
iSchool, please visit the fundlibraries.org for more information and to
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