[Libs-Or] Academic support services in the library

Linden How lhow at pnca.edu
Thu Jun 28 13:45:56 PDT 2018

Hi there,
We are a small academic arts library in the process of absorbing our
college's academic support center and integrating it with our reference
services. I'm interested to hear from folks who offer similar services
(peer tutoring, homework help, writing help, etc.) in their libraries
and/or have experienced adding this service to their libraries. If you can
share wisdom and advice, I would be very grateful!
Some things I'm particularly interested to hear about:

   - How you communicate to students about where to go depending on their
   support needs
   - How you communicate with faculty about academic support services
   - How academic support is scheduled: by appointment, drop-in, etc.
   - What kinds of academic support services have been
   - Resources that have been helpful to you
   - Very low-budget solutions (of course)
   - General pitfalls to avoid

Thank you so much in advance! Apologies for cross-posting.
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