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Thanks, Brooke! I noticed that the original post didn't include location information and since I was curious, I figured others might be:

5441 SE Belmont St 
Portland, OR 


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Hi all -
  I know nothing about this organization. At first I thought it was the Oregon Public Education Network.. but nope. Maybe it's of interest to folks on this list?


The Oregon Program Evaluation Network (OPEN) is hosting an "Emerging Evaluators: Poster Presentation Session" to be held on Friday, June 22, 2 - 4pm.

Students and evaluators in their first 5 years of practice are encouraged to submit a proposal for a poster presentation. Posters can review a particular evaluation project(s), theories of evaluation, or unique evaluative partnerships and beyond. Poster presentation session will be Friday, June 22, 2 - 4pm. Participants can view the posters and engage in networking and professional connection between fellow OPEN members, evaluators, students, and educators.

Proposal submission guidelines:
Proposals due Friday, April 13, 2018, 5pm Send to: Dr. Anne Willis at awillis at pacificu.edu Each proposal should include the following:
* Title of poster, limited to about 10-15 words.
* Author information- for each author:
*       Name typed exactly as it should appear in the program
*       Author affiliation/institution as it should appear in the program
*       Email address
*       Up to 350-word abstract detailing your proposed poster presentation

A panel of evaluators will select poster sessions for inclusion in the June 22 event. Applicants will be notified by May 1, 2018 if their presentation was accepted.

Questions: Dr. Anne Willis at awillis at pacificu.edu

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