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1. VIDEO ... A NEW Slice for You ... the "BEST 5"
2. ARTICLE ... A NEW Slice for You ... the "BEST 5"
3. COMMUNICATING ... Mobile etiquette, what will you do?

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Do you triple-click with your computer mouse?

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Grabbing an entire paragraph and moving it to a new location is when triple-clicking comes in handy. Whether you "cut and paste" or "drag and drop," instantly highlighting all the sentences at once is magical.

What about double-clicking? (You can highlight a single word instantly and drag it to a different place ... instead of maneuvering the mouse from one side to the other.) Learn more about these techniques in this previous Tech-Talk article.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cuUXUVHXz09TXnNwbtMZMpG5iwXnBjiNvDZ91XiJlXGnUDgX5Zg3-sQLMmpIIU1L2-rNo4kcGFcMjiFA01JF34UouzYHn1Irinptes_QyAiU5JK8tHkFADYtp3kb77E02iwogXos9Zm289VkqwAIIxzA2BfOtgm3b76bdwKA6abu7GrmWWSraj7XDEoLHxdD&c=8oJYgI84ESxOi8R2g2LZsnTVfZQE5DJsk19ob_d9C_wegAE2pRq4lw==&ch=VlrRzK9LF8LdSYdweF2eaHHaifstmte-XpnEIsigfJ4JyZtR6v-E5g==>

Shift vs. Ctrl Clicking

Have you tried holding the Ctrl key down and clicking once? You'll get the entire sentence so you can cut, copy or move it more quickly. What happens when you continue clicking on other sentences … should you hold the Shift or the Ctrl key? Find out in this article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cuUXUVHXz09TXnNwbtMZMpG5iwXnBjiNvDZ91XiJlXGnUDgX5Zg3-sQLMmpIIU1LSyFjdtyiPP_SrVTg-knF72qTwsp6arkjb0KBmylVPKvrDckZx5Jsbo5D594IfUpz2kLc8E42gaGymyCbJvs4zBxprZCgDyNbTKL5GNAu5MoR8tJTE11wehURCrd93f2p&c=8oJYgI84ESxOi8R2g2LZsnTVfZQE5DJsk19ob_d9C_wegAE2pRq4lw==&ch=VlrRzK9LF8LdSYdweF2eaHHaifstmte-XpnEIsigfJ4JyZtR6v-E5g==>.


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Communications: Mobile Etiquette
A new challenge

I'm sitting at an outside table at a bistro for lunch with a friend. The weather is beautiful. It's a great day... casual conversation, catching up, discussing global events.

All of a sudden, mid-sentence, my friend Carol lifts her arm, looks down at her smartwatch and smiles. Clearly, our chatting has been rudely interrupted and she is "listening" to someone else now.

She says, "My daughter's buying a car", in an effort to explain her sudden departure from our conversation. To be fair she didn't stop and text back. But the messages kept coming throughout the lunch, interrupting the conversation over and over again.

To glance at your wrist mid-conversation used to be an indicator that you have somewhere else to be. It signaled that the meeting was about to end. So looking at your watch in someone else's presence wasn't necessarily a nice thing to do.

And now, with the smartwatch acting more like the smartphone, people simply cannot resist being drawn into it as soon as a message appears. So what will you do when you're the wearer?


Etiquette Responsibility

Frankly, to be so instantly cut short and temporarily ignored mid-sentence, felt jarring. I understood, but wondered why someone who wasn't even sitting with us, was allowed to continually interrupt. It's not the sender's fault. It's the watch-wearer's responsibility to not yield to instant gratification for every incoming message.

You may say, that's the point, right? Instant messaging gets other people involved immediately. You have to respond right away or you've lost the connection. True, but at what cost?

It's not a huge deal, but it bears mentioning because those who are suddenly tempted to stop everything and look at incoming messages on a smartwatch, smartphone, or earbud, would be wise to consider how other people feel when they do it. It's what we call a "shutting out" behavior. No one feels good when that happens.


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