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Sue Ludington has written the definitive article about Oregon’s County Law
Libraries.  To learn more about these special and unique libraries and the
important work they do to promote civil society in Oregon, please download
and read, “Oregon’s County Law Libraries: Providing Legal Information and
Reference Assistance Across the Miles ,” here:

>From Sue’s article, “In Oregon, all 36 counties are statutorily required to
“operate a free law library that is convenient and available at reasonable
hours; or provide free law library services at one or more locations that
are convenient and available at reasonable hours” (Or. Rev. Stat. § 9.815).
County law libraries have been around for more than a century in Oregon;
however, what those libraries look like today and the depth of services or
resources they offer vary dramatically statewide. In rural and small
counties, especially, there may be limited (or nonexistent) resources,
physical space, and staffing. Despite the challenges, many counties outside
the Portland metropolitan area are striving to meet—and succeeding!—the
legal information needs of both attorneys and non-attorneys through
non-traditional service models, targeted outreach, staff training, and
other endeavors. As a result, these libraries are helping to further
“access to justice,” a national movement to ensure that everyone,
regardless of economic means, has equitable access to the justice system,
which includes legal protection, legal awareness, and legal counsel (United
States Institute of Peace, 2009).”

Does that sound like a good cause to you?  Maybe you could work in one of
Oregon’s County Law Libraries.  Read on to learn more. :)

Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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