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Hi, everyone,

First, I want to thank Buzzy and Amanda for what I imagine to be countless hours of work on this issue this week, and likely many more hours in the weeks to come. I’d also like to thank them for continuing to keep the long-term future of the State Library foremost in their goals, and proceeding through this in a measured and thoughtful manner.

Second, I want to say I am completely willing to follow OLA and MaryKay’s leadership and guidance on how to approach this situation in the best way possible for the future of the State Library and a good working relationship with the legislature and the governor’s office, BUT… I also feel the following things:

·         As both a library stakeholder and a private citizen, I feel that we deserve answers to Perry’s very good questions (below). I feel that we deserve them on the public record, as an antidote to the level of back-room maneuvering that led to these events.

·         I also currently feel that the small group of Senators who acted so opaquely are basically getting away with it at MaryKay’s and the library community’s expense, and that feels unacceptable to me. Yes, I understand I don’t have all the facts. Yes, I understand there is a time to take the high road. Yes, I understand that there is a time to turn the other cheek in service of the greater good. I just currently feel unconvinced that now is that time. (It’s not impossible for that feeling to change.)

·         I feel that in addition to considering the long-term good of the State Library, we also need to consider the long-term good of transparency in government. I have questions about how going along serves that good. (This is in no way intended to be any sort of indictment of Amanda, Buzzy, or any other library person’s handling of the situation so far. I think all involved are doing a commendable job. Amanda, Buzzy, and OLA leadership may have already talked about this very subject and reached sound conclusions. I just want to talk about it as well.)

I respect and appreciate so much the thoughtful discussions and perspectives you in the library community bring to the table. I hope that we all might benefit from an open discussion about the issue of response and transparency as it applies to the situation before us. I know I will.

Awaiting your thoughts,

Amy C. Hutchinson, Library Director
Lake County Library District
26 South G St
Lakeview, OR 97630

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Despite Brown’s statement, this dismissal travesty speaks nothing meaningful to MaryKay’s performance but volumes about the Governor and the Democrat caucus. How fitting that this injustice happens the same week as the Ides of March?

To betray a dedicated public servant who proved to be a skilled, revered leader is utterly contrary to the best interest of Oregonians and to the spirit and ethics of responsible government. It appears to be the conceit of small group of Democrat Senators, and an autocratic action by the Governor that shows contempt for our profession by failing to be inclusive of our leaders or membership in the process.

And yet, Governor Brown’s website claims she has been “a leader in increasing government transparency and accountability.”

I’m glad to be seeing library staff and supporters apply our considerable passions, skills and talents to hold Brown and the Democrat caucus accountable. We expect--and MaryKay deserves--better from our State representatives and leadership.

The Libraries of Eastern Oregon (LEO) association will be contacting the Governor and our various Senators to ask:

·         If is not uncommon for timelines to be adjusted for major initiatives, and objectives were ultimately achieved, why was the alleged shortfall of “expectations” a terminable offense so many years afterward?

·         Why was there absolutely no communication on this matter with stakeholders in the library community, such as the OLA, OASL, LEO, or OSL Board?

·         Republican Senators reportedly unaware of the alleged performance problem. Why was this an issue for the Democrats only?

·         It appears that a Senate faction and the Governor conspired to a conclusion with neither a published hearing nor vote on this matter of re-appointment, though Oregon public meetings law requires an informed public aware of the deliberations and decisions of governing bodies and the information upon which such decisions were made. How do you explain that incongruity?
I’d love to see OLA nominate MaryKay to be her own replacement. She’s still the best person for the job.
Or maybe the State Library can hire her in some other capacity outside of the Governor’s appointment jurisdiction, if she’d have it. Or…MaryKay for Governor!

Appalled, seething and bitter in Baker,

Perry Stokes | Library Director
Baker County Library District | 2400 Resort St | Baker City, OR 97814
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Honestly, Steve, we really don't. We are hoping to meet with Senate leadership, however, to make sure that Caren and the future State Librarian will be in an environment where they can succeed.


On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 9:30 AM, Steve Casburn <stevencm at multco.us<mailto:stevencm at multco.us>> wrote:
Does OLA expect to learn more about what the "clear and timely" / "clear and reasonable" expectations in question were?

Thank you,


Steve Casburn
Research + Evaluation Analyst
Multnomah County Library
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Thank you Buzzy, for your continued and strong work on this. Can we find out what the “clear and timely expectations” were?

Kim Read
Interim Dean of Libraries
Concordia University
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On Mar 14, 2018, at 5:33 PM, Buzzy Nielsen, OLA President <olapresident at olaweb.org<mailto:olapresident at olaweb.org>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

The Governor's office released the following statement to the media regarding the dismissal of State Librarian MaryKay Dahlgreen:

“MaryKay Dahlgreen fell short of clear and timely expectations from legislators, and as a result of these performance issues, did not have the Senate support necessary for confirmation. Once qualms about her confirmation came to light, and in consideration of stability for State Library staff and programming, the Governor’s office offered to pursue a collaborative transition out of the role. Ms. Dahlgreen chose instead to be terminated and leave the State Library under unplanned and immediate circumstances. The State Library Board oversees the functions of the institution, but since HB 3523 passed in the 2015 legislative session reorganizing management of the State Library, personnel issues are handled by the legislative and executive branches.

“The Governor strongly supports the mission of libraries and believes that a strong leader in the State Library is key to effectively drive its partner programming across the state. The Governor’s office will work to recruit a highly qualified candidate that can deliver on the clear and reasonable expectations for the State Library and the various educational programs it oversees.”

Through our lobbyist Amanda Dalton, we have been having productive conversations with the Governor's office. They have been hearing your concerns, as have the Senators' offices. Amanda and I are scheduled to speak with the Governor's staff tomorrow afternoon. We have been pleased thus far that the Governor's office is committed to the mission of the State Library and libraries generally. Right now, we also are optimistic about future of the State Library and its staff. Caren Agata is an excellent choice for interim director, as she will carry on the good work that State Library employees have already been doing, and we're confident that the Governor's staff, OLA, and the State Library Board will be working together to ensure that we find a strong candidate to be the next State Librarian.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


OLA President, 2017-18
olapresident at olaweb.org<mailto:olapresident at olaweb.org>

You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself! ~The Doctor
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