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Betty-Carol “BC” Sellen
".... Sellen’s librarianship provided a platform for wide-ranging activism,
gaining particular notoriety for her work on feminist issues in the
profession. Sellen was active in the founding of the ALA Social
Responsibilities Round Table
a co-founder and 1982-3 chair of the ALA Feminist Task Force
and chair of the Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship
that....[Much more at


I'm adding a personal note here.  Betty-Carol is someone I always admired.
Not included in this piece is the work she did with the Feminist Task Force
to arrange several pre-conferences that I will never forget.  She really
was the guiding force.:  "Librarians as Colleagues:Working Together Across
Racial Lines" written about in *Women in Libraries *(March 1986 -
http://libr.org/ftf/WIL%20Archives/v15n4%20mar1986.pdf and the notes from
the pre-conference September 1987
http://libr.org/ftf/WIL%20Archives/v17n1%20sep1987.pdf). This led to the
January 1988 all day workshop "White Women Working Together on Personal and
Institutional Racism" put together by both Betty-Carol Sellen and Polly
Thistlewaite.  Polly wrote about the workshop in the April 1988
edition of *Women
in Libraries*, "The Ways of White Folks,"
http://libr.org/ftf/WIL%20Archives/v17n4%20apr1988.pdf.  This led to the
ALA 1988 Conference program in New Orleans, "Librarians as Colleagues
Across Racial Lines: Strategies for Action." The report of this program is
in *Women in Libraries*, September 1988, pg. 2,
http://libr.org/ftf/WIL%20Archives/v18n1%20sep1988.pdf.  You can actually
get many ideas for future activities by reading through past issues of *Women
in Libraries.  *1970 - 2002 Issues may be found here:
http://libr.org/ftf/WIL/wil.html.  Current issues may be found at
http://ftfinfo.wikispaces.com/Women+in+Libraries.  (Yes we know Wikispaces
is closing but we will be moving all content to a new location soon.)

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