[Libs-Or] OLA Quarterly Author Showcase: Delia Fields and Jacquelyn Ray

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Delia Fields and Jacquelyn Ray received a School/Academic Librarian
Collaboration Scholarship from ACRL-Oregon and used it to help Hermiston
High School students develop the Information Literacy knowledge they would
need to be successful when they went on to study at Blue Mountain Community
College.  Please download and read their latest article, “Sharing for the
Greater Good: A High School and Community College Partnership to Cultivate
Information Literacy in a Rural Community,” here:

>From their article: “Fostering IL skills while working both as colleagues
and supporters of faculty efforts to meet students’ learning needs is among
the fundamental duties of academic librarians. Although this may be a
universal point of agreement, how to best go about fulfilling and inspiring
IL in our curriculum while supporting faculty and students is a perennial
task. To effectively create an IL curriculum requires us to reflect on the
needs of our learners, consider our praxis, and design assessments that are
inclusive of our students and faculty so that we can strengthen our
capacity to provide IL in increasingly meaningful ways. Our collaboration
fostered our thinking around these subjects and also provided us with an
opportunity to put our ideas, research, and experience with IL learning
into practice.”

Please read on to learn from the authors’ efforts and experience fostering
Information Literacy in rural Oregon.

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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