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Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Nov 6 13:23:28 PST 2018

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 This Week's Topic: GRAPHICS
1. VIDEO ... Tips for Designing a Project Logo
2. ARTICLE ... Tips for Designing a Project Logo
3. COMMUNICATING ... What is Leadership?


Photo by rawpixel<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamcahkXVU3m6APcsoWCzcP1a63OmvLRUOG2n7kBByp1Stwbp2KrpY-0WuroKOSYfjbfsQrt3eaq2bhA-amIEsQnMvrddAcgnnFEdO5AmCAPfJ3Z87b5Nsg4H2p92PQE5nSHSQMsrBunCYm-KNXt-vKCsoS6cBEEXmK8ba5H7RGoH6omIyT0YCLh3_mhqalTDjVZNTaZbhWf3esyUFAPTlxqg==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamH2_tIxC-6xJ9mnGcynNtHfBryBY0duf_KZpZ1U7443qcZGLcQzu8Xf95n7qIkkiFdpQR94VZ-JTGEgHei2VI2tHJLZEV0gtZsprg-Qbihk22oaKQqmW813_y7Lw6O-Cf5HQHU6SlX1_hYJFIWJAHbQCAS0POZTwo-cNS7VU-L11Al0-fJkE0EDVkRPxCMWe5RlYePTSURpMDskfn1Mgv_Q==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==>

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GRAPHICS - Tips for Designing a Project Logo

No matter what project you're doing, adding a visual for it -- like a logo or an icon, can make a huge difference in how it's perceived, embraced and remembered. That's where a logo comes in. It's not just for companies and products anymore.

We often need new logos and icons created for projects, events and teams. In the past we went to an (expensive) graphics designer, right? But we've found there are many resources out there that can help you design a logo very affordably ... on your own.

So when one of our subscribers told us that she was in the process of designing a new logo for her department, we certainly wanted to share with all our readers the websites and tools that we've found ... and some tips to remember when designing it.

When you think of a "logo" you may visualize a company's branding -- the main graphic that identifies the organization. However, logos are used all the time for:


·     Events - a 5K run, fundraiser or Halloween party
·     Project, Product or Class - an education series, or an e-book
·     Organization - a department or group inside a company
·     Website - an icon to give the reader a visual clue
·     Manual - volunteer training, student orientation

Why do you want to add a logo? Because you want people to identify with the purpose, remember it and recognize it. You want them to get excited about it. Visuals help!

Maybe you're coordinating a training program or a new employee orientation -- you want all the documents to have a common recognizable thread ... an image can do that.

You want the logo, emblem or icon to look professional, not home-made -- so you may go to a professional designer. However, there are tools and services you can use to do part or all of the logo design.

Where Can You Get and Create Logos and Icons?

Icon Sites

There are free and low-cost icons at sites like Iconfinder.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamWSIlygF74he6hOA_MhRyUx-cNFPyYhOSk961301vWi-PReAlgib-DvIxpPFuolMZRhexouwv1qzLIqGFb9_p7g==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==>.

For example, here are some icons that we found on this site that we're using in a Tech-Talk website page:


Free Online Resources

You can use (free) logo developing tools such as Freelogodesign.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamYf_8cCt7Fyrld2UmGOTH4GZFXTgg7yy3NOJ808T32PY-VWq7CJpqLWok8VJ6xA5TpRkpASHFr6amXygeByZcNJm6QKMIKsaK&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==> or Brandcrowd.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamUAZuKNK2ka7qfrecmNBo5aBVHT2zl8x2WfK2FQ2Y7j-88OjhWUVyS2_OLM4dUMEUf9v_XFlBumI5wo_-EOaVdA==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==>.

To show you what can happen, we entered "Tech-Talk" in as the company name on BrandCrowd and it instantly gave some inspiration:


Template Tools

Use the templates in online tools such as Canva.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamMsEQrPBGASAFaW4kzfAC9j729MZqlbkXJSAoUVE-WT0VuCpUs7IRvKXHEyIs3e0_3TiKuuV07kQ=&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==> to create icons /logos for your website, training materials and documents to add color, design and style. (See a prior Tech-Talk article on Canva<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamsqxxcs5S9eWS7SbHu1IvHdk6m_H2qYl6I0HrXmhqI2zPkwVcVRr8leXfN31TH5LkNuKLmVrWXLMn5iWUW8dOHY1PYBuglpaWtN3ukMoLzvBT0PJC66Tn5g==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==>.)

These images were created using Canva templates -- and we plugged in the text for each symbol.

[canva images]

Give it All to a Professional at a Logo Design Website

Create icons from scratch. There are many low-cost design websites available where you provide the logos specs (the text to be included, color preferences, the "feel" that you are going after) ... and an artist will provide several options with a professional look.

Sites like Fiverr.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamspvhLEIbbmER7b6i7TERZjgdBEH0fIIAka0m4jCdAa5i9w_0AZ_8a32K5T2yCNREGk2OjVQECLEpYSunwRnPDA==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==> save hundreds of designers available. View their portfolios to see particular design specialties like watercolor, hand-drawn, cartoon, etc… (See Tech-Talk article on Fiverr<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001S4ZAIuiVbUAV5by99pGjgUgEPtcTOO5tfvnHbSbkgc_fx7Z08uAdjhRWzzjgLdamaMyxvZSFwWOoePV6lnD9zV_SJLt00QgWWCp0Mf_FaRr0cBfl1aL3a4xF0RSRUkeNCebl3X5rIP0fh7lL6APdZJUVyPsTliHcY_oCl6WfhYo85KGY78JgXw==&c=R4Z_a2uu-t1cqBHVM0OzdASCSZrC9QJExayJmaisRIfl9jQuMpF6qg==&ch=iFAL0bWzYrCCxdm7pX8mGkAEX8oyWPnso9wnNia0Lf3h5eH7MSQCmA==>.)

These are actual logos from Fiverr designers that cost between $10 - $20.


What You'll Need for Your Logo

When designing a new logo, consider these things:

·     Create both a horizontal and square version. There are situations when you may need both logo sizes. For instance, typically on a web page, a logo is horizontal. However, most social media sites require a square icon, so you'll need a social-media-friendly version also.

For example, here's a website logo and social media icon for ABCMouse.com:



·     Ask for a transparent file type like a .png so that you have your image in a format that you can layer on any colored background.

·     Also be sure to get a high-resolution file type for use in print media.

·     Make sure to ask the designer for your logo in a black and white / grayscale version.

·     Optional: Upgrade and ask for the image source files. These are the files that have been used to create your designs in programs like Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. These files are useful if you want someone else in the future to make edits to the original design.


Communication: Leadership
What is Leadership?

There are so many ideas when it comes to true leadership.

Here's one person's opinion ... that of Colin Powell.

“Leadership is solving problems. The day they stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.

They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”

One way to ensure that people will bring you their problems is to create an atmosphere of two-way communications, one that is open and honest.

Tell us how you feel about this concept of leadership and communicating. Use the login info at the top of this Tech-Talk. In the database, click on the Leadership article and leave a comment.


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