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 This Week's Topic: WEB TOOL
1. VIDEO ... Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing
2. ARTICLE ... Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing
3. COMMUNICATING ... Frustrated with the situation

[download video]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001VS-YuJQBYvec9fZ0YkOeJZYl-ILdyADubCjr2rXPV4iSkmkCK3Em_nEmVmJ3u6_qOhPyv6OeXAq5txENVcdhvsjxBQ3sJ9UuHdrN7rxi5jrVkaOTN-Po_b7_9CWToeGczheP4_fGGjWgDGsYFBZBUkwqxRRRl-H3v7ZumE9n8QqVexM03YiSyH0wck3SHvZev64aZ9RGSMwp5opCwE39oQ==&c=kLDXEmKv43OZ1BhiEp2t60nA8ia7iDvrhbNBa8QMzJXifFU8LxOXUg==&ch=9rgTldPIUihmWbsh8EV4xiQ5c_oaPcOILN03KX1x5U2HSKTBpem60Q==>

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WEB TOOL - Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing

Have you ever wanted to download a video from YouTube so it would be accessible on your computer to view when you didn't have Internet access?

That was a situation posed from a Tech-Talk subscriber in a school system. She wondered if it was possible to download YouTube videos for offline viewing… and if it is legal to do so. Well, the answer is yes, and yes (in some situations) . . .


But first, why would you need to download a YouTube video to your computer, tablet or smartphone?

·     Sometimes there is limited access or slow internet connections.

·     You may not be able to count on having strong Wi-Fi for a presentation.

·     You want to watch a video on your smartphone and not use data.

·     Or maybe you're traveling and want to view a video on a plane or don't want to use the public Wi-Fi.

So if you'd like to download a YouTube video, let's look at a few legal considerations in using 3rd party apps, potential copyright issues… and some safe options to download and view YouTube videos offline.

Legal Considerations . . .

We don't often read the terms of service, but YouTube's states that you are only able to watch/stream videos directly from their servers.

So, if you use YouTube videos from a 3rd party app you could be violating copyright policies unless: 1) you have permission from the account holder, 2) the video is in the public domain or 3) if it is your own video.

However, you can download without getting permission from copyright owners in some cases: if its for personal, research or teaching. In these cases it's considered "fair use."

In situations like this, you still need to:
·     Give credit to copyright owners.
·     Provide a statement such as "no copyright infringement intended."

The 4K Video Downloader


If you want to download videos under the "Fair Use" policy, here is a safe option for a 3rd party app.

4KDownload.com seems to be a popular tool. It has passed third-party authentication by Symantec™ for code signing.

This free and lightweight piece of software allows downloading videos, playlists, and channels not only from YouTube, but other sites like Vimeo, SoundCoud and Flickr. You can even get them from Facebook and retain the high quality.

To use this free tool, visit 4kdownload.com and follow the links to install it.

·     From YouTube (or other video platforms) copy the URL of the video.

[copy URL]

[paste link]

·     With the 4Kdownload software open, press the green Paste Link button that will automatically detect the URL that you just copied.
·     Select the video quality type.
·     Use the Browse button to navigate to the folder where you want the video saved.
·     Press the Download button.

NOTE: Of course large (long) videos download in High Quality or High Def will take longer to save to your computer.

[video download]

YouTube Premium (Formerly Called "YouTube Red")

[YouTube Premium]

Another option for you that stays within the guidelines of copyright is the upgraded YouTube subscription, called YouTube Premium. (Currently $11.99 per month.)

While it does allow you to download videos and playlists offline (and they're ad-free) it's ONLY available on mobile devices.

REPEAT: This feature is only available using an App on a mobile device. And you can't move the video to a different device like your laptop or desktop computer.

The good part of YouTube Premium is that the creators of the videos will receive the ad revenue.

To use the YouTube Premium, download a video:

[YouTube Premium]

·     Download the YouTube App to your mobile device.
·     Start watching the video on YouTube that you want to download.
·     Click the Download button that is below the video player.
·     Choose the video quality.
·     The blue checkmark downloaded icon will appear below the video player when the video has completed downloading. NOTE: For iOS users, the video will download automatically once you stop watching.
·     You can now view the downloaded video in the Library or Account tabs.


Communication: Talking
Frustrated with the situation

Have you ever been frustrated with a colleague, a student or a patron?

You've bit your tongue, but wanted to find a constructive way to communicate your feelings, right?

Here's a technique that produces good results...

Express your frustration with the situation rather than the person ... and use the "frustration" word. This allows for better conversation to resolve the issue with the fix being around how you feel, rather than what the other person is doing (or not doing).


NOT: It frustrates me that you don't get homework done.
YES: It frustrates me that the homework isn't getting done.

NOT: You're not understanding what I'm saying.
YES: I feel frustrated that the concept is not getting across.

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