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 This Week's Topic: GRAPHICS
1. VIDEO ... Used the Wrong Emoji?
2. ARTICLE ... Used the Wrong Emoji?
3. COMMUNICATING ... Ask frequent and easy questions

[Emoji video]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001RvfFj-O2HywyX1rB4dXdwgrGu6csZeRDBHR69h_c-X_VceQl3k0KwNX_4W9z54AyEKMc-COa1pWGerALWY-oVV0uN8Ji3qq95GcUlJTVouJNim7cSqBPMut00OFoihrw0Zd2PC32FzB8LX8GTFQg0FvJ05cxp57SFOcF15n_P6AHsxZip8t3H40AxrVTwtzn&c=njL_mBcbp7gw98BLWFKHTbiuRLQ83POuhIiVJAqVL1TEiDpweeHaMQ==&ch=c1pNEWbPX4mXctbX7Fhg7KSDDyRWsBLJkN41FI5_tNy5rWLyRnp2Yw==>

Photo by Lidya Nada<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001RvfFj-O2HywyX1rB4dXdwgrGu6csZeRDBHR69h_c-X_VceQl3k0KwNX_4W9z54Ay4Z3puv7NPyLCo9PdUm5aSSXagh9NozFQrtsF2xHEPUpIa_S68h8IZ7std-EZRrRZHrTimT5-HqqiHCPb4p9iFImyQmioQCiwHPmYQvJc--JFBwBgNq-mgr4fEesw9pKmwUCgvULMmR9e9o1gqdWYtQO2Cx3wQwhyb1nKVIFnxmj0eVg15it6CFH9_RUSgvU1vI_qdI-4XPegxmckWYg_lg==&c=njL_mBcbp7gw98BLWFKHTbiuRLQ83POuhIiVJAqVL1TEiDpweeHaMQ==&ch=c1pNEWbPX4mXctbX7Fhg7KSDDyRWsBLJkN41FI5_tNy5rWLyRnp2Yw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001RvfFj-O2HywyX1rB4dXdwgrGu6csZeRDBHR69h_c-X_VceQl3k0KwNX_4W9z54AyGt3iaOTfnm_V-Oer7fqQbwwEbWQLbKA5PbM3ijlEzfkM6Kf_xcRlo3PuR_1frWmU3bEZDfQMH0NctnCaWWZhvnrevfBs8mphA5ZWRoM6UCI87AjCXgfhU_U0ZiZ6UIbwcbkpc7KQMveDQHBrdyi_SU032T7reyY5Nlm_ErMfXSWM5cwl6VyildDmsSDb-XI6bIH767xLo_AplAWDnnjseg==&c=njL_mBcbp7gw98BLWFKHTbiuRLQ83POuhIiVJAqVL1TEiDpweeHaMQ==&ch=c1pNEWbPX4mXctbX7Fhg7KSDDyRWsBLJkN41FI5_tNy5rWLyRnp2Yw==>

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GRAPHICS: Used the Wrong Emoji?


I was in the middle of typing a post on Facebook about the terrible fires in California -- wanting to show support to those that were affected. I added an emoji of, what I thought was "praying hands." However, my daughter suggested I use a different symbol as the one I chose meant "please" or "thank you" to her.

This made me wonder what other emojis I may have been using incorrectly. When I add these little pictures to convey a specific feeling -- in my personal or professional life, does the reader translate my message as intended?

As it turns out, some emojis have multiple meanings. For instance, these hands do mean please, thank you ... and praying.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

[Emojis in business]

Well, love them or hate them, emojis don't seem to be going away. Even if you prefer not to use them, we're seeing such wide use that emojis are bleeding over from personal communications into the business world. These tiny symbols don't replace text, but add visual and emotional cues to online communications.

Emojis can add emotion to digital conversations -- conveying tone that is lost in typed text. They incorporate the non-verbal cues that you have in face-to-face conversations like body language and facial expressions.

Originating in Japan in the late 1990's, it wasn't until 2010 that emoji characters were encoded as part of the Unicode Standard (a method of assigning a unique number for digital transmission). Apple operating systems adopted them in 2011 ... after which they went global very quickly. As of June 2018 there are 2,823 emojis.

[Emoji platforms]

The appearance of an emoji may vary by platform however. The Unicode provides a basic pictograph -- and the various operating systems can customize the emoji. (See these three examples.)

We use these symbols in all forms of media and communication tools such as…
·     Text messaging
·     Social Media – like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
·     Email text (and even subject lines)
·     Advertising -- billboards and product labels

Should I Use Emojis in the Work Environment?

Using emojis in daily work communications ... with patrons, colleagues, and clients can be tricky. It depends on your organizational culture. Here are a few guidelines to consider.

·     Take the lead from your organization's management or client. Emojis are best used when a personal relationship has been established.

·     Use them sparingly, add one to convey a feeling, not to replace a whole sentence.

·     Don't leave room for misinterpretation, use standard emojis so that your message is conveyed as intended.

Lost in Translation – or Good Communication?

As with any "language" you need to learn the meanings of words (in this case pictures), so that you can both use them correctly and translate meaning when you're the recipient of a message containing emojis.


One of the many emoji reference sites is Emojipedia.org<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001RvfFj-O2HywyX1rB4dXdwgrGu6csZeRDBHR69h_c-X_VceQl3k0KwNX_4W9z54AyI-cbaT1jf7T83S9pfb3d_YHeHXQsSBzY7A6WWxVC28H5BH5Q7l-gKPtgl8_DWALvW6f9Ei6TUtxhiKtuEx0BhA==&c=njL_mBcbp7gw98BLWFKHTbiuRLQ83POuhIiVJAqVL1TEiDpweeHaMQ==&ch=c1pNEWbPX4mXctbX7Fhg7KSDDyRWsBLJkN41FI5_tNy5rWLyRnp2Yw==>. It shows you both the meaning and common usage of emoji symbols for all the different platforms (Android, Apple, Google, and many more.)

Not only can you "look up" the meaning of a particular emoji, but you can copy and use the symbol in any platform.

Here are some things you can do in Emojipedia.

·     Look up emojis by keying in words in the search bar. In the image below we searched on "music" and found various options for emojis.


·     Click on a Category such as Activity, Food & Drink or Smileys & People.

·     See Most Popular for trending symbols of the day.


·     View by Platform-Specific options like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram by clicking on the type at the bottom of the page. Each app has varied images designs.

NOTE: When you are in Emojipedia, be sure to click on the word or phrase to see more detail. Then scroll down so that you see all the variations of the emoji based on the many different platforms. Yes, even selections like "Smiling Face with Three Hearts" which appears to have a blank, empty box in front of it, has a multitude of choices for you, once you've clicked through.

Copy and Paste

You may be looking up an emoji to interpret the meaning of it, but if you want to use it in email or a social media platform, Emojipedia offers a Copy and Paste link for the particular picture.

[copy and paste]

Your Favorite Emoji Sites?

With so many different emojis and emoji sites on the Internet, you may have a favorite of your own. Leave a comment and share it here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001RvfFj-O2HywyX1rB4dXdwgrGu6csZeRDBHR69h_c-X_VceQl3k0KwNX_4W9z54AyEKMc-COa1pWGerALWY-oVV0uN8Ji3qq95GcUlJTVouJNim7cSqBPMut00OFoihrw0Zd2PC32FzB8LX8GTFQg0FvJ05cxp57SFOcF15n_P6AHsxZip8t3H40AxrVTwtzn&c=njL_mBcbp7gw98BLWFKHTbiuRLQ83POuhIiVJAqVL1TEiDpweeHaMQ==&ch=c1pNEWbPX4mXctbX7Fhg7KSDDyRWsBLJkN41FI5_tNy5rWLyRnp2Yw==>!


Communication: Online, Live Engagement
Ask frequent, easy questions

More and more educational, informative and motivational learning is happening online, live.

Whether we call it a webinar, a conference meeting, or a Live Stream Group, more and more folks are tuning in digitally to a training or real discussion.

It's easy, as the presenter or facilitator to do a lot of talking, often forgetting to engage the others. One simple concept you can do is to define a few questions to ask to underline a few points you want to make. Make the ask simple, I mean really simple, so that all the people have to do is to put in a number, a yes or no, or a one word answer.

To get them warmed up to respond, you can ask "Can you see my screen?"

Then be sure to tell the group the answer ... something like, "Great, I see yeses coming in." or "Good, Susie can see, Atmar says yes. OK. Thanks."

This technique is a way to have people feel like you know they're there and that you are talking to them directly.

As you go, find ways to get involvement. EXAMPLE: Session on Instagram.

·     "Let's see how much Instagram experience we have online today. Type None, Some or Lots in the chat box."

·     "How many words do you think is ideal for an Instagram message?"

·     "What's one thing you'd like to know about Instagram?"

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