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Dear Colleagues,

I am forwarding this item from ALA in support of Senate and House bills to reauthorize the Museum and Library Services Act, which reauthorizes IMLS .  Please email your senators and representative in support of the bills.

We need you to take action today!

On the heels of our amazing funding news last week (1), the Museum and Library Services Act - legislation to reauthorize the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) - was introduced in both the Senate (S.3530) and House (H.R.6988) last Friday with strong leadership and bipartisan support.

ALA President Loida Garcia-Febo praised the new legislation: "ALA appreciates the many ways these two bills build on the successes of previous reauthorizations of the IMLS. We applaud all of the hard work to ensure S. 3530 and H.R. 6988 equitably distribute Library Services and Technology Act funds to large and small states, expands eligibility for tribal libraries, supports disaster readiness, and reinforces ALA's message that strong communities need strong libraries."
With few working days available to Congress to consider legislation, only bills with bipartisan support are likely to pass. ALA's goal now is to have Congress take up S.3530 and H.R.6988 as soon as possible.

To make sure these two bills keep moving, please complete these two actions now.

Email your Senators to urge them to cosponsor S. 3530: https://bit.ly/2yhvcCe

Email your Representatives to urge them to cosponsor H.R. 6988: https://bit.ly/2Njwphz

If both bills are passed, it will deliver a strong message from Congress that funding for federal library programs is a priority for them. Please email your Senators and email your Representative today and urge them to cosponsor the Museum and Library Services Act.

For more information, contact:

ALA Washington Office
1615 New Hampshire Ave NW, 1st Floor
Washington, D.C. 20009-2520
Phone: (202) 628-8410

Thank you,

Elaine Hirsch
Oregon Library Association Vice President 2018-2019
olavp at olaweb.org<mailto:olavp at olaweb.org>
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