[Libs-Or] Webinar: Measuring Impact Over Time

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Fri Oct 5 08:44:02 PDT 2018

Greetings and Happy Friday!

The following webinar is free but registration is required:

Date: October 17, 11:00a - 12:00p PT
Cost: Free
Registration: Online<https://plawebinars.webex.com/mw3300/mywebex/default.do?nomenu=true&siteurl=plawebinars&service=6&rnd=0.05722459353817222&main_url=https%3A%2F%2Fplawebinars.webex.com%2Fec3300%2Feventcenter%2Fevent%2FeventAction.do%3FtheAction%3Ddetail%26%26%26EMK%3D4832534b000000040ac9641161e31f751e8b33e89c664ad5a697735e0267a2a45c24229fb33e1c9f%26siteurl%3Dplawebinars%26confViewID%3D92009956725784535%26encryptTicket%3DSDJTSwAAAASya20Yvb5PWJ4xc0yDbeFvK3HbKnC7yVIZFSLYSJGxtw2%26>

Plan to attend this free Project Outcome webinar, Benchmarking and Longitudinal Studies: How to Measure Outcome Data Over Time<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT03OTk3NDQzJnA9MSZ1PTExMjE3MzYxMjYmbGk9NTkwOTUxNTU/index.html>. Outcome measurement is a way for libraries to assess their impact on the people they serve and helps libraries answer the question, "What good did we do?" In some instances, libraries may need to measure outcomes over a longer period of time to demonstrate the good they're doing. Logic models are used to develop a sequence of steps needed to achieve a desired outcome and measure impact.

This webinar will walk through the logic model process to help libraries identify short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. This webinar will also focus on how benchmarking and longitudinal studies can be used to measure those outcomes over time.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will:
*         Be able to use a logic model to identify short, intermediate and long-term outcomes;
*         Know what benchmarking and longitudinal studies are and the benefits of each; and,
*         Understand how to apply benchmarking and longitudinal studies in a library setting.
This is the fourth and final webinar of the 2018 series featuring Project Outcome's Outcome Measurement Guidelines, designed to help guide and provide additional support for outcome-focused data collection.

Past archives of this webinar series, Beyond Surveys: How to Measure Outcomes Using Alternative Data Collection Methods, presented on July 18, How to Develop Outcome Measures & Design Effective Surveys, presented on Apr. 11, and Working with Partners: How to Plan for Collaborative Outcome Measurement, presented on Jan. 31, are available HERE<http://ala.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT03OTk3NDQzJnA9MSZ1PTExMjE3MzYxMjYmbGk9NTkwOTUxNTY/index.html>.

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