[Libs-Or] Sponsor a Civics pre-conference at OLA/WLA?

Donna Cohen dcohen at dcoheninfo.com
Mon Oct 8 10:25:12 PDT 2018

Hi all,


I am writing up a proposal for a half-day pre-conference for OLA/WLA in the
spring. Following is a draft description. If you would like to become a
sponsor, please contact me. I will submit it regardless but wanted to make
the offer.


Charting the Unknown Together: How Public Librarians Can Promote Democracy
Through Civic and Political Reference - 

What Every Reference Librarian Should Know to Encourage Civic Engagement


"Democracy dies when civic and political engagement is low. Throughout the
1980s and into the early 2000s the concept of "citizen" changed to one of
"consumer". Now, more and more people are waking up to the need to be more
involved. But, they need our help to realize their "citizen" status. 


Libraries should be the focal point for gaining this knowledge! This
workshop covers baseline skills that should be in the toolkit of every adult
and youth librarian. They are easily mastered and can be taught to your
patrons in group or one-on-one interactions.


One of the major impediments to becoming more engaged is lack of knowledge.
People [including librarians!] are mystified about the basics of government
and fundamental advocacy skills. By being ready with just-in-time, practical
and non-partisan, political and civic knowledge, we can empower our patrons
to become better citizens."


Note: skills will include using Oregon and Washington government databases
for tracking bills and for finding information on campaign funding




Coming up!

Elections and Campaign Finance

Sat. Oct. 27    3:00-4:30   Oregon City Public Library 606 John Adams St.,
Oregon City

Covers numerous topics related to our electoral systems and presenting
specific ideas for bi-partisan civic/political engagement. Topics: Voting as
Constitutional right(?), Voter Rights, Voter Fraud, Voter Registration,
Voter Turnout, Felon voting, Alternative Methods of Determining Winners,
Redistricting, Electoral College, Campaign Financing,  Dark Money, more.


The Influence of the Constitution on Civic and Political Conversation

By looking back at the creation of the Constitution and tracing major
changes to its interpretation we puncture some myths and develop a broader
perspective that helps us evaluate current politics more thoughtfully.

Fri. Oct 19   4:00-5:30   Three Creeks Community Lib. 800-C NE Tenny Road,


Misinformation, Fake News and Political Propaganda 

Weds. Oct. 24    6:30-8:00 Newberg Public Library  503 E. Hancock  St.,

Sat. Nov. 17   3:00-4:30   Oregon City Public Library 606 John Adams St.,
Oregon City

We are overwhelmed with information. Learn to distinguish truth from fiction
using critical thinking strategies with political ads, news headlines,
graphs / charts, language choice in messaging, statistical data and other
types of information. Become your own "factchecker". 


Citizen Activism 101 -Making Change Happen

Sat. Nov. 10   3:00-4:30   Oregon City Public Library 606 John Adams St.,
Oregon City

Improve life for yourself and your neighbors? Learn about strategies for
change, and more: Brief historical perspective; Examples of successful
advocacy-local-national; Choosing your battles; Who makes the rules?;
Getting heard: tools for change; "Tracking" state and federal legislation.


Donna L Cohen, MEd, MLIS

Portland, Oregon


citizen at civicthinker.net

Civics for Adults Workshops: To Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire
Political Engagement

Facebook:  <https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036/>
https://www.facebook.com/Civics-for-Adults-1490728887922036/  or contact to
be on Civics email list.

"My philosophy is very simple. When you see something that is not fair, not
right, not just - stand up, say something, speak up!" Rep. John Lewis.



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