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Good Morning,


I need some help with tracking wifi. We use a Unifi controller at each
branch to provide Wifi for patrons. Our tech support is provided by our
local ESD. I have very little tech expertise knowledge. To track wifi we
were advised that we could use a Unifi Cloud Key. This has been working
great until last week. In one of our branches we have internet that is
provided by the city as part of their package with the internet provider.
They detected a problem with their security and upon investigation decided
that it was due to the Unifi Cloud Key. It looks like a flash drive. So they
removed it and said we are not allowed to use anything like that. They
claimed it "drilled a hole into their firewall and allowed the internet
service to be stolen". 


Long story, sorry. What are any suggestions for tracking wifi usage out




Kathy Street

kstreet at otld.org

Library Director

Oregon Trail Library District

200 S Main St

Boardman, OR 97818


Website: oregontrail.ploud.net

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