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The issue with digital is you have to have permission from the owner and Pamplin Media Group is not providing that option for current papers.   You can digitize anything prior to 1923 and we’ve done that with our papers, but it’s the current papers (that will be history in 20 years) that is the issue.   UO has moved totally to digital support and no longer microfilms.

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This is not been an option for several years now. They stopped offering the service. Denise Reilly Newberg

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What happened to University of Oregon’s Digital Newspaper Program?  I thought that they were willing to partner with local newspapers to archive the digital copies.  It’s not microfilming the print, but actually storing the digital.  Is that an option for you?


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Hi Leah and everyone,
Apologies if most folks already know about this company, but just so happens I received an email earlier today from a rep withAdvantage Preservation<http://www.advantage-companies.com/directory-oregon/> (in Iowa) who says, “I partner with several OR libraries and institutions, to help them preserve their local history, and make it easily accessible to the community.”

Perhaps the quote you received *is* from Advantage Preservation but, if not, I thought I’d pass along the info. See the attached flyer or give me a shout if you want this particular rep’s contact info.

Looking forward to seeing who others recommend!


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So,  I’m sitting here with almost three years of hard copies of our local paper that I need to do something with to preserve them when they become the historic record of the community in 10-20 years.    We don’t have permission to digitize and I don’t want to lose these years.

I’ve got one quote for the 3 years of microfilming at  $1,900.     With additional years running about $600 each.

I know this has been thread on Lib-or in the past, but I didn’t keep the list of who people are using and how much it’s costing and such.

Any info is helpful.    Thanks


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