[Libs-Or] OLA-WLA Conference proposals

Jerianne Thompson JThompson at tualatin.gov
Fri Oct 19 14:57:57 PDT 2018

Are you submitting a program proposal that's relevant to public libraries for the 2019 OLA-WLA Conference? OLA's Public Library Division would like to hear from you. Let's Chart the Unexpected Together!

PLD would be happy to consider sponsoring your program proposal. Sponsorship by an association unit carries weight with the Conference Committee. Please let us know if you're just looking for an endorsement, or if you need financial, logistical, or content/speaker support.

We know it's going to be stiffer competition for program proposals this year. If you'd like to partner with a Washington library to strengthen your proposal, we can help connect you with potential partners.

Don't forget: Proposals are due by 12pm Monday, October 29. Program proposal form: https://tinyurl.com/y9752qwa<https://clicks.memberclicks-mail.net/wf/click?upn=JjzWKIPg-2BYp6IWQAWCYPVJ4tVENENqNgboMncmgnPJy32X2-2Fe7syc3V7ccEWVPiqHdN3MnfoBkgaLN8HO46rFttUmlaQjgujeuDtfkUfIhvWNdEapFjZiNvK1q4uEgD5_ZjwzI0ulJuAP7kJXiUYGecicvy765pRWmPQQgpK6k1byPFMxHADPE-2F4QsfClQx-2FOqBsWiw-2BjWwbbSJvnxB4BWUkK7GRhICTA6r5V-2Fx0UY-2Bui9sgs8399eDeOsOvs0En1vWRGbuTXwTun6-2F6NKbot6YpVN5nNM-2FK6yeddUhuia4qqZ-2BQYjPbJBusYxJw-2BW6b3U-2F7hOD2oj9cQZfeIuk8PbHXJsxFfXlXsQ-2B2kQLR8r6W9RPpV-2FY4r0hN-2BKYgtagUoHy55n1adiprv95ti-2BhE3KWEFTlEI4PGnyZ2ozYdZf5vvaCWGMFo1X4pA8sBLw5G6B9C1ws5S9Df5Xs3snfFvYQ-3D-3D>.

Jerianne Thompson, PLD Board Chair
Tualatin Public Library
18878 SW Martinazzi Ave. Tualatin OR 97062
503.691.3063 | www.tualatinoregon.gov/library<http://www.tualatinoregon.gov/library>

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