[Libs-Or] In search of Oregon hive mind, business reference lobe

Drea Douglas drea.douglas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 12:38:40 PDT 2018

Hello to all - while weeding in my library (North Bend Public Library, Coos
County, AKA Not At All Near Bend) I came across a 1988 title called *The
Gold Book: Starting and mining Success in Business* from Minds Ink Press in
Eugene. Various chapters are written by academics, business owners,
lawyers, accountants and government folks, and if it had been written ten
years later I'm almost certain they'd have mentioned the Internet.

While there is a toolkit available on the Oregon Business Xpress
<https://www.oregon.gov/business/Pages/index.aspx> website, I was wondering
if anyone knew of a modern day analog to this baby. Aside from the dated
info (costs, directories, etc) it's not the worst title I've seen.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

Drea Douglas
North Bend Public Library, over on the coast and about 240 miles from Bend

*Telling the stories you thought you knew*
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