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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS & OFFICE

1. VIDEO ... Find Files Fast With a Jump List
2. ARTICLE ... Find Files Fast With a Jump List
3. COMMUNICATING ... Is body communication sending mixed messages?


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WINDOWS & OFFICE - Find Files Fast With a Jump List

I am trying to open a document that is buried in multiple levels of folders and sub-folders. It makes sense to save it there, but it takes too many clicks to open the file.

And because I only update this Word document once a week, it doesn't show up in my "recent" files.

I need a quick way to open documents so that I don't waste time navigating through multiple levels of folders to retrieve them (and have to remember just where they are saved).


That's where a "Jump List" comes in.

A Jump List is a feature that allows you to view documents in the Office programs that are on your Taskbar (Word, PPT, Excel).

You will see both recent files and any that have been pinned by you-- listed in two separate sections.

This picture below is an example of a Jump List in Word.

To create or view a Jump List you'll simply right-click on any program that has an icon in the Taskbar. It will bring up a list of recently modified documents within that program. Select items you want pinned. (Details below.)

NOTE: If you use Google Drive to save your files (instead of Windows / File Explorer), we'll show you how to make your most used documents easier to retrieve as well farther down in this article.

To Add a Program Icon to Your Taskbar

Before you can Pin, be sure your app icon (like Word, Excel or PowerPoint) is in your Taskbar like this:


·     Go to the Start menu.

·     Find the icon in the list for the program and right-click.

·     Go to More and select Pin to Taskbar.

In the image below, we're adding PowerPoint to the Taskbar.


Now You Can Pin Files to Your Jump List

Once the program icon is displayed in your Taskbar:

[pin a document]

·     Mouse over the icon in your Taskbar and right-click. (Don't click on it as that will open the program).

·     From the items listed under "Recent", mouse over the file you want, and on the right click the "Pin" icon to add it to your Pinned list. NOTE: If you don't see the file you want to pin, open the document and close it again so that it will show as a recent file.

·     Now the file will be available in the top section for that program's Jump List.


Another Way to Pin Documents… Inside an Application

In Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint there is an option to not only access recent files quickly, but to "Pin" them to a list so that they appear at the top of recently opened files.

·     Open the application and go to File, Open. Under Recent you will see a list of the most recent documents that you have used. TIP: If you don't see the file you want to pin, just open and close it so that it will appear in this list.

·     The top section of this list is for documents that you "Pin."

·     To Pin a document to your Word Recent Files (so that it always comes up at the top of the list), click on the file to highlight it. Then click the pushpin icon next to the file name and it will move up the list.

·     To Unpin the document in the future, just click the pin icon again.

Now you can have multiple ways to get to the documents you use all the time quickly!

[pin a document]

Find Your Files Quickly in Google Drive

If you save a lot of documents in Google Drive, there's a way to make sure your "most used" docs, slides, sheets and other saved files are easier to locate.

Google Drive has a "Star" feature that adds these files to a special folder.

·     To star a document, go to Google Drive, find the file and right-click on the document and select Add Star.

·     Or, if the document is open you can add a star by clicking on the Star icon that's just to the right of the document's title.

·     To remove the star, follow the same steps and select Remove Star.

To see all your starred documents, select Starred in the left column of Google Drive.

[Google Drive]


Communication: Talking
Is body language communicating mixed messages?

Have you ever been in a conversation and what you heard someone say -- and what their body language displayed -- was something totally different?

How could you tell? And might you assume the wrong thing?

The words we say only comprises about 10% of what's being communicated. 90% of communication is our body language.

This breaks down to physical displays like shrugging our shoulders, gesturing and rolling the eyes. It could also include scowling, negative facial expressions and so on. Then there's the tone of voice ... is there a hint of resentment, sarcasm, a negative tone?

What can you do when you receive nonverbal cues that send mixed messages? Especially negative ones?

First, don't take it personally. Don't assume negativity is being directed towards you.
Then, so that you can be sure what was said was indeed what the speaker intended, ask clarifying questions. Repeat back the statement or question:

"Just so that I understand, what you would like me to do is . . ."
"I want to be sure I understand your point, you're saying that . . ."

When you're observing questionable non-verbals, because words and actions are not in sync, seeking clarity will most likely sort it out.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ztulAge6G37m5SZQt-tM-NnauoqwJ1nM2MPDpgBKwNKoP91FF7naajhq9_E9Csz0_ZtP6AePiZnJg_I2XoOH7vH29lkj4i8WsZaSDq5mRD8TxOd3ZFd01CiDZ446ZCyhjjKUa8c8TrKNhddn9iMu2_TmZ9HEcaUodSiKUqKtW64=&c=ahQ2TEty8QJI83p42DvUgHKd9lPfwT4wOOiDlRhkfdE9v2Cy5u7FWQ==&ch=LD-_B9Q2hoVAJiMRygHVB2Yle-0FjbxBv9F11jfNKK7IWN7LzbU01Q==>

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