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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
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Let PowerPoint help you with the cropping


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 This Week's Topic: POWERPOINT
1. VIDEO ... How to Make an Image Fill Up a Slide Perfectly
2. ARTICLE ... How to Make an Image Fill Up a Slide Perfectly
3. COMMUNICATING ... It matters where you put the word "because"


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PPT - How to Make an Image Fill Up a Slide Perfectly

Of course you use images in your PowerPoint presentations, right? They add a lot of impact -- instead of just adding text to a slide.

I don't know about you, but looking at a slide filled with just words makes my eyes start to glaze over.

However, one problem you may have encountered is that when you insert a picture it's not the right size to cover the slide completely. Wouldn't you agree that to get a professional look, you don't want empty space on either side?

And when you play around with cropping it manually, it's difficult to get the proportions right just by "eyeing" it.

Well, PowerPoint has a cool option right in the Cropping section that will help you automatically resize your image to the right size. It's using the "Aspect Ratio."

Depending on Your PowerPoint Version…

First, it's important to understand there's a difference in the slide size aspect ratio ... depending on which version of PowerPoint you are using. (See Slide Size… Standard or Wide Screen<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu79v4bCgEx14lqg9Vxpbz9k8vt2sflfz5iIVDhl63LdDEXRoSHVlQXLHysTBMHutBxhnXSmv2XhsqMtx4Jm3D45nwZWvZczn3_BSTq79Dh9pcONjre4tGtC_TX4mE6ccN-ua26xrKYR107Pm6yrJm4d4=&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==> for more in-depth info).

If you are using PowerPoint 2013 and newer, the default slide aspect ratio is called Widescreen 16:9, and for earlier versions, it is Standard 4:3.

·     Widescreen (16:9) is equivalent to 13.33″ wide by 7.5″ high
·     Standard (4:3) is the equivalent to 10″ wide by 7.5″ high

[Slide size]

So, when cropping an image to fit the full slide, you'll pick the corresponding aspect ratio depending on your PowerPoint version.

Crop Images Perfectly with the Aspect Ratio

When adding an image to a slide that you want to fill the WHOLE entire slide:

·     First, go to the Insert tab and choose Pictures to add your image.

·     With the image highlighted, on the Picture Format tab, go to 1) Crop, 2) then Aspect Ratio, and under 3) Landscape 4) Select 16:9 (or 4:3).

[crop to aspect ratio]

PowerPoint will select a portion of the image in a 16:9 ratio size. Part of the picture will be grayed out.

·     You can first slide the highlighted section up, down, left or right to be sure that the portion of the image you want is selected.

·     Once you are satisfied with the image, click the Crop button again in the toolbar, and in the drop-down, choose Crop again. Now your image will be sized perfectly for the slide.

[crop image]

So that your image will fill the slide, drag the picture to the upper left corner of the screen and pull the lower right corner down until it fills the whole area. It will enlarge in the aspect ratio size you cropped to.

[full slide image]

[typographical art]

After you've added your slide, the image can stand alone if it makes the statement you intended. Or, adding a bit of brief text in an overlay can help highlight your message.

One cool trick is to use Typographical Art<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu7wn2GmptKtwc1QB4PzUJR7S-FXUNpFs_qUAcCaPiIdkQF3tZ3fVPKW7MiFSzA-EWV0j4sgTNajGgOtPUlUaCCXw53Y7Xr3-8TTcn2Lt91uV8URY-XRwxZwGcmHSG7OOq70NBrWec4hF95Vs28MI-MwLUwnHwxEyY0yO-NuyUfq4y&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==>.


Communication: Talking, Writing, Email
Positioning is important

OK, we've mentioned how powerful using the word "because" can be.

And it is! It's very useful for getting others to agree with you or do what you ask.

Here are links to previous articles on this important, single word.

·     The Magic of a Single Word: Because<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu79v4bCgEx14l8wpKgYsVM60ASF3XHIqcLMgEIiEId9uJPbHCn8pt33ARR8bjwpHrY3LNgJ-gacNcHiLUdz0MJP6pb1NkVCoEBPgryePDIAea4ox4ZS8y9Soe9BxGnz_mHVgr5FzijFpng8CTcpkc9JM7oWt8_yqBjg==&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==>
·     Use "Because" to Convince Others<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu79v4bCgEx14lBxmlMVFMzRcGkFOC7yc2RrK_sLoibF-3ER5pGa1G_ghKXdKz5VZNNvbXtSz5z70anZ0BK_A_yXjlaUGmW98SZA6Al87pt78EUg4AytOhyfHeLtxm7daKjKFJfesIT38s&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==>

But here's the deal. I was at the Ford Dealership, talking with the Service Manager. I had given him a copy of my book, 7 Habits of Egalitarian Managers, Employee Engagement. We were discussing some of the communication techniques in it ... in particular, the word "because".

He made an interesting statement. "Yes, it's a great word, but it depends on where it is in the sentence. You don't want to start with it."


He said that if one of the Service Advisors tells a customer something like, "Because your oil is dropping, we need to do an overhaul." ... the listener gets immediately defensive and resistant, regardless of what comes after the because word.

But if you tag the "because" phrase on later, they are far more open to the idea. "We need to do an overhaul because your oil is dropping."

How does that feel to you? Share your ideas here in the Comments<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu79v4bCgEx14lXYnxrFpfvlKYnCT8nwD4Xo0U0PuvG27nVB4u9exxOkpGHqbLbsq1caQtoZbd-z9nezpQFpInqik6iEEj3jIkJIKfqyyzuwATF75AtHh8aXArlA9uGEP64gaj8ulUA8UL&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==>!

And by the way, don't forget to use this powerful word in your email notes! And reports! You're adding the "why" which is always a convincing communication.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0015v3AEBirrwQ2eWnc_HYfAry1BQIki-AOVjn8_sb5kCZAFr8pzunu7znzeqSySQ8OPlf1FfnDWPqI9yadyxKbJM56oQox1E8k8sCYU218lgS1KS0AicGEVZytMzR-hvfG-d3gvT6j--fPxOYjFn5nPAcS2tR4oc7I1uZmzo6-DQw=&c=yzJ7r1dgs0-L__AIKK6BG5gYOnfNI0wiRI2uF4hzKAmRCz2gGnonhw==&ch=--P2NuusI2gW3qKzQU8rn_ofoQC2mcrGiYONNPVqgkZBdXA7-i7zWQ==>

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