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Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney kbrodbeck-kenney at lincolncity.org
Fri Mar 15 17:24:06 PDT 2019

We have a library-sponsored book club that meets once a month, and we're starting to have a wonderful problem: it's incredibly popular! It's starting to get to the point where competition for the books is fierce, though. We usually buy at least half a dozen extra copies of the books the group has selected, plus editions in ebook whenever possible. Usually this means that we have at least ten copies of the book available, between print and ebook. Lately, though, 15-20 people have been showing up for meetings, and there are starting to be complaints about folks having difficulty getting the books.

Now, we do only select books that are readily available in paperback, so purchasing a copy is definitely an option for some folks, but I'm curious if other libraries have come up with creative ways of handling this?


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