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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!

Use this tool to magically extract a subject from the background you see


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 This Week's Topic: GRAPHICS / WEB TOOL
1. VIDEO ... Remove the Background Behind a Person ... in an Image
2. ARTICLE ... Remove the Background Behind a Person ... in an Image
3. COMMUNICATING ... How to get people to open your email


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[Remove background]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLICzcCyOx6keDSknT7BMX4ml1c7jWrOeK0npbF0_SgmAdIr-r_0FnXacw70VwAlHa0OpIw2GTxvE76ZC5ziWGl2EMp5FedJBjQW-OxmPgbAyceX0FpDWohCOuO_VJdpbmhOkM7fXV8GMFaj66pJA6EErm5D7sM8-2pA==&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==>

Photo by Tetbirt Salim<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLICzcCyOx6keDJ2P4uYmGnHu-JAFzVs6GYtAkZ3vg_yP4o1CeNL83ojd0cH-qWaWClDMtZ3l3j1mjeSY2vgfR4j78F6UIgstqtANQGIFQSvhJ2lo_xY9LRIj7NDgoqkpiz3C6c-mDHNmfY8TauqBOpWr2GwUcHF4kkURq5LkGRFjVxx7Vi9CeL8Cye-j1Wp5w9oItyKuGrSd7fIVPcdhYaBoe7EvN5DvLYg==&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLICzcCyOx6keD6e20xkUr-QeLG9QJlDDrsMBf03keM_3GUCVHLEySaaWJjPPLleEm6J5ATWpCXf81KsGumHQBk0dTbL54Wz-myoBQj_sjJwZYbfq-tq7oCsTMbKi76zwcf9Gaw6Dmnp8RkzRcNl7oYCVqPM2O8vZQBPy71fDnQeUijQDd-QG4IBT0HVscwiadJrLVXiiGiCpTXIxK_PAIc58=&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==>

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GRAPHICS / WEB TOOL - Remove the Background Behind a Person... in an Image

Have you ever had a great picture of someone, but the background was distracting?

Or maybe you have a creative idea to use a shot of a person in a different background?

If you don't have Photoshop, or another high-end graphics tool, how do you remove the background from an image?


Well… there's a free online tool called Remove.bg<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLICzcCyOx6keDSsCh_mMKIUGSgDmuJfz2IMusGk_zgAjPWe2ziaf0ErOnU0UQEgFEYwyGugB-RvLGk-DxnafC71U=&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==> that uses artificial intelligence to detect the person in the image and quickly remove the background from the rest of the picture.

Before: with background

After: without background

[remove background]

When you upload an image to Remove.bg, it separates the person from the background. You can instantly download .png file that has a transparent background -- so that you can use the image in other ways. This comes in handy when you want to use the subject in the picture in an imaginative way… like with a different background, or merged into another image.

In the example below, we extracted the "jumping kids" from the original image with a winter background...

[jumping kids]

[jumping kids - no background]

And then, with the transparent file, we overlaid the jumping kids image onto other backgrounds with a simple copy and paste.

[changed background]

How Does Remove.bg work?

This free web tool is fast and simple to use.

·     Go to https://www.remove.bg/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLICzcCyOx6keDSsCh_mMKIUGSgDmuJfz2IMusGk_zgAjPWe2ziaf0ErOnU0UQEgFEYwyGugB-RvLGk-DxnafC71U=&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==>

·     Click the Select a photo button or enter the URL of an image. You can upload images of any resolution. However, for performance reasons the output image is limited to .25 megapixels -- or an image size of 625 × 400 pixels. TIP: There is a premium subscription option for images up to 10 megapixels (4000 × 2500 pixels).

·     Then you'll instantly see the "before" and "after" version of your image.

·     If it looks good, just click the download button and that's it!

[remove background]

Or, if you want to do any additional editing, click the Edit button. Here you'll have choices to:

·     Erase additional sections of the foreground (or restore them).
·     Add a new color to the background.
·     Or even use one of their photo images to add a new background.

When you're done with editing, just click the Download button.

[edit image]

In the example below, we added one of the Remove.bg provided photos to the background.

[edit background]

Not All Images Work Perfectly

Now, of course the output depends on the image you uploaded. It doesn't work flawlessly all of the time -- as pictures that have fuzzy boundaries between the object you want to extract ... and the background ... sometimes blur together. For example, in this image, because of the darkness of the background around the subject's hair, the distinction of the wisps of hair isn't as sharp.

[image example]

TIP: Even though the site states it only works with people, as long as the subject and the foreground are clearly defined, it can produce great results with other subjects -- like animals, flowers, buildings, etc..

If you're wondering what the gray grid of boxes are in the background, don't worry, they won't show in your final image. They appear in the preview of a .png file to show you that there is NO background.

BONUS: Did you know that in Word and PowerPoint, there's also a tool to remove the background of an image that you insert? Take a look, https://www.tech-talk.com/word-remove-image-background.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLIOeaZYUqRGI4NycwkVWDDH5gXuBP2bgppr_BNawhbFT2u_ADPrvQF9snyWz6j80iw0wlw-pScAWT0ApxTk814qvmem9V6WBJhbiA1fjzzWCD2Dy8MoSdyibtLbhyfHCUBo6tYmV8nTtW&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==>


Communication: Email
Arouse curiosity

What's the most important part of any email?

The Subject area! Sure, because we want people to open the note we sent.

So anytime you can create curiosity, you're a giant step forward.

You want people to solve that itch of, "I wonder what they mean" by actually opening the email... as opposed to assuming they know what the note is about.

So think about what you want to happen. If you'd like them to open quickly, make sure the subject area has a bit of mystique.

Don't give the answers (unless that is the message and you don't need them to open the email.) Instead, generate curiosity.

There are several ways to do this. Just be sure what you say relates to the material in the note.

Here are a few examples:
·     Are you ready?
·     Take a look at this idea
·     Time to share...
·     Does this work for you?
·     No potatoes

Yes, I actually received an email with "no potatoes" in the subject. Of course, I opened it! (And yes, it did relate to the material in the note.)

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Your Username: ORLIBTECH
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[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001LkH2a0XOkPkxfu7ln7ozUrKJhDf_8-8jrJBHKK9oyxi1TTXiL4kLIF6tCenIlKplU6pCMjapgIXz2HvEu_Nq8sgFT2FIasqgho-k8YF1zQOwWW-ZrStlxwDLSeHVlMjSlxtcdVUd9Ah9txX5b_4JbdXd0yzfYrnkZ0R2xamWiVk=&c=QONVDx56BzUbzliOOzZyL7vUFnc39T48-ykm0fuKjp89IPqLvz-gjg==&ch=10lxnxHbusEAxD71P3Rr8-PKZ7S3_J-vcfITBQZnG70FpeiEmYMCNw==>

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