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The 2019 PNLA Conference
( https://pnla.org/conference/)  in Spokane, Washington is offering a
few Pre-Conference sessions that might be of interest to the Pacific
Northwest Library Community. The pre-conferences will occur on Wednesday
-- August 7th in the Centennial Hotel conference space.

1. Morning session: LEADERSHIP TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (Cost:$65 - seating
limited to 20 participants)
A 3 hour morning workshop lead by experts from the University of Idaho
Extension to help build leadership skills that will positively impact
libraries and their communities. This workshop is designed to assist
people in developing a greater understanding of self, others and
community. Working with Others is one segment the Leadership to Make a
Difference Institute, focused on the development of basic leadership
skills necessary for planning, leading and supporting positive
intentional community change. Leadership to Make a Difference
pre-conference cost is: $65
Click here to register for Leadership to Make a Difference
( https://pnla.wildapricot.org/event-3350605) 
2. Morning session: 21st CENTURY VOLUNTEERS: WHO NEEDS THEM?
( https://sched.co/N93c)  (Free w/ conference registration)
Traditionally library volunteers have completed tasks such as mending
books, hosting book sales, or dusting shelves. This workshop will update
participants on how to recruit, train, motivate and retain volunteers
with specialized skills such as marketing, social media, or program
support that library staff might not have time to develop or use. Topics
will include why volunteers are an important part of the library
workforce, examples of skilled volunteer descriptions, the fundamentals
of a successful volunteer management program, and resources to support
staff with limited time for volunteer management. By the end of the
workshop, attendees will develop a volunteer job description to meet a
need in their library. This session will be given by Sue Walker from the
Idaho Commission for Libraries. Session info:  https://sched.co/N93c -- 
Cost is Free with conference registration - Register here
( https://pnla.org/conference/registration-pnla-2019/) .

( https://sched.co/N93i)  (Free w/ conference registration)
CollectionBuilder is an open source project for building library
digital collection and exhibit websites driven by metadata and hosted on
lightweight infrastructure. After providing well-structured metadata and
a directory of digital files, CollectionBuilder utilizes Jekyll static
web generator to create a website for visualizing, browsing, and
accessing the collection. Developed by the University of Idaho Library
to provide a viable alternative to bloated infrastructure systems,
CollectionBuilder is “Librar* Optimized,” enabling librarians to take
greater ownership over their projects and lowering barriers to
development. This workshop will introduce the three main use cases of
CollectionBuilder: 1) the creation of stand-alone library digital
collections and exhibits 2) the creation of “skins” to apply on top of
the data/metadata from current digital collection management systems
such as CONTENTdm  3) a pedagogical tool for learning about digital
libraries concepts, web skills, and digital literacy via hands-on,
project-based learning. Session info: https://sched.co/N93i    Cost -
Free with conference registration - Register here
( https://pnla.org/conference/registration-pnla-2019/) .

( https://sched.co/NcAG)  (Free w/ conference registration)
Do you want to create a better team environment at your library, where
your staff treats each other and customers with respect and goodwill?
Jenny Berg, Adam Carlson, Kimbre Chapman and Alice Darnton, supervisors
from McMinnville Public Library, will share how their mid-sized public
library transformed its culture to be more positive and inclusive,
thereby improving customer satisfaction. During a time of anxiety caused
by high turnover and leadership changes, we led our 20-person staff in
brainstorming the ways they want to treat each other. The resultant list
became the library’s Staff Ground Rules. The library work teams have
revisited the Staff Ground Rules regularly in meetings for the past
three years. We have discovered that customer service has been
significantly improved as a result. Great customer service starts within
ourselves and our work teams– if we thrive as a team, we thrive as an
organization, and the library will thrive within the larger community.
We have since used the Staff Ground Rules, and the process from which we
arrived at them, as part of a new Strategic Plan. Presentation attendees
will leave this session with tools they can implement to create a better
team environment at their libraries. Presentation attendees will leave
this session with tools they can implement to create a better team
environment at their libraries, including positive relationship
building, holding people accountable and having critical conversations,
fun ways to keep the positive team dynamic front and center, and getting
staff buy in for various library initiatives. Session info:
https://sched.co/NcAG  Cost - Free with conference registration -
Register here
( https://pnla.org/conference/registration-pnla-2019/) .

Stay turned for more conference updates!

More information about the 2019 PNLA Conference (August 7-9th) is
available here: https://pnla.org/conference/ including Early Bird
registration info!

See you in Spokane in August!

2019 PNLA Conference Chair
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