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Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of Tech-Talk!
Quickly insert slides from other presentations


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 This Week's Topic: PPT / Google Slides
1. VIDEO ... Insert Slides from Other Presentations
2. ARTICLE ... Insert Slides from Other Presentations
3. COMMUNICATING ... Attention Span Less Than a Goldfish

[reuse slides]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KoXpEZNgbkUSmzTjzgwb9ow0P9s5AXAEfc3QFznAzBj2pMcMAm4d7UfQSkNatPXKjfQ0rrqtuF3Uca2zhOJF0mPM0NdW3i8ls0wDo6x6NQ1A-7E3iKr47hgen2qr-FFz1sm_0JXiqHKchE_URBowNJqnVyg6M-kIWC6QIfvDY8mwxFV6fnTqXk8kruZwf1PEmOeS4N_Nu9494jyOSEa4OZp5SvLU30Qd&c=6tSSYppjd-m3j-rKUWkgTT-Wx-Ffua1KWa4KyS7PV9idmsFgl2ZsqA==&ch=l-iriy7eiJboG4GtVdovlmgBKTDda5DhRCEB-lBNm65z4XFhfc8jfg==>

Photo by Eye for Ebony<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KoXpEZNgbkUSmzTjzgwb9ow0P9s5AXAEfc3QFznAzBj2pMcMAm4d7UfQSkNatPXKysceQZmP0jGL1fR9BoK9JjWGPs-aRpyRKMLGNV87Zl0IfrRX7jUjBrD5DSCTwFoYUucpZ05oy6tPQBv4ud74DOtNAfQvdRa-ULL9qmnpBAu9S286LGX95MyIE5e2-8ulWX-aWyCPkOX4di-n-OLcgfCz1p2C27aDLSSHSANaEkpS5Xq8aqKrKlKuy_qOogQlpKcHQ-iZxuY60wyUprq9vg==&c=6tSSYppjd-m3j-rKUWkgTT-Wx-Ffua1KWa4KyS7PV9idmsFgl2ZsqA==&ch=l-iriy7eiJboG4GtVdovlmgBKTDda5DhRCEB-lBNm65z4XFhfc8jfg==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KoXpEZNgbkUSmzTjzgwb9ow0P9s5AXAEfc3QFznAzBj2pMcMAm4d7UfQSkNatPXKJPEdz7EaTJ5Dkk_I0Vbw8Jd91IYWwiVhhJ23mPpDde7IYonYMBynNJ15wLnY-XLpTBwsvau8e6NdILU6pjIcFv-JkSOIpIyA4wrVExPXElxNv9cbvvkI2CX9ZFJjWY6lmv6HCL53ulmA37ejQr7VDsywG6WF5-ft700HfTsjSnsYLZwZHTarsNXl0Z7kn_xcgqH5QYdZwPa9UwXhLt3J1A==&c=6tSSYppjd-m3j-rKUWkgTT-Wx-Ffua1KWa4KyS7PV9idmsFgl2ZsqA==&ch=l-iriy7eiJboG4GtVdovlmgBKTDda5DhRCEB-lBNm65z4XFhfc8jfg==>

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PPT / G-Slides – Insert Slides from Other Presentations

[old and new slides]

I was creating a new presentation and remembered a slide in a previous PowerPoint that I wanted to incorporate. I opened the older file and copied and pasted the slide's contents into my new one. The challenge was that the background and formatting of the older slide didn't match the current one.

Just copying and pasting the older slide into the new presentation created an inconsistent effect -- and looked less polished when moving from one style to another and back again.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to insert the slide you want from any other presentation, where the formatting, colors and background of your new presentation will be applied to the old slide. You can do this in both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Maintaining A Consistent Style

To get the old slide to look like your current set, you use the Reuse Slides option in PowerPoint or Import Slides choice in Google Slides. This lets you browse through your entire computer (or cloud drive) to find any and every presentation you have. You can pull as many, or as few, slides as you want from any presentation that you have.

[insert slide]

PowerPoint: Insert Slides from Other Presentations

Instead of going to different presentations, finding the slide (or slides) that you want, copying them, going back to the first set of slides, and pasting them in (and having them look different in coloring and style) -- just use the process called Reuse Slides. It's like inserting a picture. Here's how:

[insert slide]

·     In the Normal view, put your cursor where you want the new slide (like in between two slides).

·     Go to the Insert tab, and in the Slides group, click the New Slide drop-down.

·     Choose Reuse Slides at the bottom of the menu.

[reuse slides]

[browse for the slide]

·     Click on the Browse button to find the PowerPoint file that you want to pull a slide out of to use in the current presentation.

·     The slides from that selected file will be displayed.

·     Add one or more of the slides simply by clicking on them and they will be added to your presentation.

[keep source formatting]

Keeping the Original Look

Sometimes you do want to keep the look and formatting of the original inserted slide. The material may fit better in that background or you may want to maintain a branded image of another company.

In that case, simply check the box that says Keep Source Formatting when you're choosing the file you want to insert.

Since you have chosen to keep the original formatting, you'll bring that slide into your presentation completely intact as originally presented!

Google Slides - Insert Slides from Other Presentations

[Google slides]

Google Slides works very similarly to PowerPoint, but you need to know from where in the menu to find this option.

·     With your new Slides presentation open, place your cursor where you want the new slide to be added.

·     In the menu, go to File and choose Import slides.

·     Browse to the presentation you want, click to highlight it and then press the Select button.

[insert slide]

[keep original formatting]

·     In the Import slides window, select one (or more) slides to import and click the Import slides button.

·     The formatting of the new presentation will be applied to these slides unless you check the Keep original theme box in the import process.


Communication: Talking & Writing
Attention Span Less Than a Goldfish

Many of you may have heard that a human being's attention span is only 7 seconds. That's not meant to be a dig at anyone's inability to concentrate. It's the result of repetitive brain studies.

In the year 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. In 2015 it dropped to 8 seconds. (OK, I always heard 7 seconds, but who wants to quibble about 1 second.)

The point is ... from a communication perspective ... we as presenters, team leaders or work colleagues need to be aware that people stop listening to us after 7 - 8 seconds. They're constantly receptive to the various stimuli around them, creating distractions.

Sooo, you re-engage them!

If you keep this in mind when you're talking (or writing), you'll want to be thinking about how to get their attention, over and over again. Small, subtle ways will work.

When you respect the brain's natural inclination to want to continually seek new awareness, you'll be more effective in getting people to hear all that you have to say.

FUNNY NOTE: Here's the article in TIME<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KoXpEZNgbkUSmzTjzgwb9ow0P9s5AXAEfc3QFznAzBj2pMcMAm4d7UfQSkNatPXKLon5Cve9wUYWNk7OyyRBITO6JivMWzcl7YGnbfjefYgvMs3zpW0FvHUHlGEOJKp6zaJxfhUcHEI7bcCMnJuB0Ve-iwNLWH2hZxWYkLGHl2o6A2nXTyPsVA==&c=6tSSYppjd-m3j-rKUWkgTT-Wx-Ffua1KWa4KyS7PV9idmsFgl2ZsqA==&ch=l-iriy7eiJboG4GtVdovlmgBKTDda5DhRCEB-lBNm65z4XFhfc8jfg==> magazine that mentions how the "notoriously ill-focused goldfish" has an attention span of 9 seconds ... 1 or 2 seconds more than us humans!

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