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Margaret “Daisy” Suckley
  ( https://bit.ly/2VJ6rZ0 )
Margaret Suckley was an archivist at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential
Library in Hyde Park, New York from 1941 to 1963. But she was much more
than that....

....The academic advisors, archivists, and library professionals at the
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library were all important, indeed crucial, to the
professionalization and growth of both the Roosevelt site and what would
become the National Archives and Records Administration’s Office of
Presidential Libraries. However, Roosevelt understood in those early that
he also needed someone within his museum and library who knew him deeply
and understood the nuances of his life and long career. That is why he
turned to Ms. Suckley, securing her a position as junior archivist in
September 1941 just months after the opening. The library was very much a
working place for the president, who kept and office there,
where—unbeknownst to museum-goers on the other side of the wall—he might be
going through papers with Daisy, entertaining dignitaries while she looked
on, or even making decisions of consequence to the war. Ms. Suckley worked
conscientiously, even lovingly, in the presidential library, going through
boxes of photographs and identifying individuals, providing dates and place
names that only she would know, filling in gaps in the historical record,
sorting papers, and serving in ways only an intimate could. The work only
expanded after President Roosevelt died and associates like Felix
Frankfurter and others donated all or some of their own papers. The work
also became more institutionalized and codified. Other Roosevelt aides took
on increasingly important roles after the president’s death in 1945. More
series of papers because available to scholars in the 1950s and 60s as the
Roosevelt Era receded from current events into history. Through it all
Daisy Suckley continued on for nearly two more decades until her retirement
in 1963.... (and much more at the Tumbler site, https://bit.ly/2VJ6rZ0)


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