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Arlene Weible arlene.weible at state.or.us
Fri Nov 1 10:53:13 PDT 2019

Your Libs-OR moderators would like to remind subscribers of the recently revised User Guidelines for this email list. They are available to view at any time from the list's information page:

LIBS-OR User Guidelines

LIBS-OR is a forum for sharing information about the Oregon library community. The service is
provided by the State Library of Oregon, and is not affiliated with the Oregon Library
Association. All messages posted to this forum are subject to public record request under
Oregon law (ORS 192.410 - 192.505).

The LIBS-OR is primarily an unmoderated list and moderators do not typically review messages
before they are posted by subscribers. Moderators will not remove messages unless they clearly
violate the guidelines outlined below. Subscribers may be removed from LIBS-OR if they do not
adhere to these guidelines.

Guidelines for posts
Messages should ask/answer questions or share information about library-related issues.
Examples include:

* Offering of gift materials
* Job announcements
* Meeting and conference announcements
* Updates on library association or committee activities
* Training or grant opportunities
* Questions/answers about library-related practice and issues

Soliciting advice, suggestions, or answering questions about quality or usefulness of products for
library-related tasks or services is generally acceptable, although messages marketing products
or services for the sole purpose of commercial gain are not allowed.

Public employees who post to LIBS-OR should follow the guidelines outlined in the Restrictions<sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/restrictions.pdf>
on Political Campaigning for Public Employees Manual<sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/restrictions.pdf>. Messages with information about
library-related political campaigns, candidates for public office, or local or state ballot measures
should strive to be impartial and convey factual information. Examples include:

* Instructions on when and how to vote
* Where to go to get further information
* Information that is factually balanced, i.e. does not explicitly urge a yes or no vote, or
does not urge support for or against a particular candidate
* Information about legislative issues that are of interest to the library community such as
State Library funding, Ready to Read grant funding, intellectual freedom legislation, etc.
250 Winter St NE Salem, OR 97301 | Phone 503-378-4243 | Fax 503-585-8059 | Web www.oregon.gov/osl
Messages including personal insults and attacks, profanity or expressions of obscenity, sexism,
racism, and other types of prejudice are not allowed.

Messages may be posted by subscribed members only. Moderators may post messages from
non-members if they are library-related and of interest to the Oregon library community.

Suggested etiquette for posts
Like our libraries, LIBS-OR is a space for expressing diverse opinions and ideas that include
fundamental respect for the rights, dignity and value of all persons. In order to foster diverse
and frank dialogue, mutual respect, and a sense of community among all LIBS-OR subscribers,
please consider the following as you compose messages:

* Engage in a professional, congenial dialogue. Many people may eventually see the
messages you post on LIBS-OR. They may include individuals you know, patrons,
coworkers, or someone you may employ, or seek employment from, in the future.
* Frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible and be aware of how language
or images may be perceived by others
* Play well with others. Disturbance of the general peace and personal insults and attacks
are inappropriate, as is using profanity or expressions of obscenity, sexism, racism, and
other types of prejudice. Remember that disagreeing with an idea is different from
attacking an individual.
* Please be cautious about using sarcasm and humor. Without nonverbal cues and voice
tone, "subtle" humor can easily be interpreted as searing sarcasm.
* Please keep comments consistent with the subject and purpose of the conversation.
Deliberate disruption -- such as consistent off-topic commentary - is not appropriate for
this forum.

Revised February 2019

Arlene Weible, MLS
Electronic Services Consultant
Oregon Federal Regional Depository Coordinator
arlene.weible at state.or.us<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us> | 503-378-5020 | http://www.oregon.gov/library/libraries
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