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Jennifer Croft is the Director of Extended Services Office (ESO), part of
the Coos County Library Services District. Please download and read her
latest article, "Read me a story!" here:

>From Jennifer's article: "Wonderfully and unexpectedly, I then found that
after the inmates learned that they were in possession of the exact books
going to their children, they began writing loving messages to them on the
inside book covers and dust jackets. These touching written sentiments were
often done with beautiful, artistic flourish and are certain to make these
books even more prized by the children who receive them."

Jennifer partnered with staff at the Shutter Creek Correctional Institute
to record videos of incarcerated outreach patrons reading books to their
children. A copy of the video was then sent to their families along with
the very book they had read. You can imagine the myriad of ways that this
is beneficial to everyone involved and society at large, but you don't have
to imagine it. Jennifer wrote it down for us. Could a program like this
help your community? Ask Jennifer how to start. She will help you; she's a

Charles Wood
OLA Communications Committee Chair
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