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Tue Nov 12 17:50:59 PST 2019

Laurie M. Bridges, Diana Park, and Tiah K. Edmunson-Morton of Oregon State
University have a new article available called, "Writing African American
History Into Wikipedia." Please download and read it here:

>From their article: "On the day of the event, small “piles of information”
about each pre-identified topic were centrally located in the room.
Participants were invited to review the topics and take a pile of
information back to their workstation. Nearly every participant in our
editathon was new to Wikipedia editing, and this material cut down on the
barriers to accomplishing the day’s mission, which was to “add at least
once sentence or other contribution to Wikipedia about a notable person of
African descent or a place or cultural item associated with the African
Diaspora” (“Wikipedia,” 2019a)."

This remarkable article describes the history of Wikipedia editathons,
introduces readers to the under-known maltreatment of African Americans in
Oregon's White supremacist history, and outlines in detail a way that
citizens can fill gaps in the historical record and preserve the memory of
those who have struggled under and against a horrendous system of
oppression to this day. This article describes a method to keep this
knowledge alive, to support those who may use it to build a better future
for all of us.

Thank you,
Charles Wood
OLA Communications
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