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Indeed—thank you to Mr. Macias for the work, thought, bravery and tremendous energy you have put into writing about the inequities and experiences brought to light by this controversy.

I appreciate your recommendations on how to move forward as an organization and profession. Spot on.

I would love to attend the pre-conference workshop Mr. Macias suggests on White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. I would advocate locally to reallocate funds to send more staff and I expect other library managers and directors would, as well. Subsequent statewide conversations as a result of this pre-conference could be meaningful and impactful, with a long tail as conversations move to local library systems, staff groups, and to working with our patrons.

I also welcome more help from the State Library on providing recommendations for culturally appropriate selections, as Mr. Macias suggests. They did this recently as part of the procedures for a grant available to small and medium-sized public libraries to diversify youth collections and the suggested lists made the work much easier to accomplish.

I recognize and own that as a white person, I’m predisposed to wanting to have a checklist for how to solve problems, while talking about race and healing inequities is not solvable with a checklist. Caprice Hollins and Ilsa Govan call this “valuing the product over the process.” They are also trainers to consider inviting to present a pre-conference session.

Hollins, C. D., & Govan, I. M. (2015). Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Strategies for facilitating conversations on race.

With gratitude to Mr. Macias and hope for our profession going forward,

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This is a fine piece from Mr. Macias that will help contextualize a lot of what's going on for people who haven't been following the discussion closely, and even for those of us who have been. I want to thank Max for his labor in writing about his experiences, and acknowledge the mental load that falls heavily on BIPOC librarians and library staff.


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Hi all,

Max Macias has written a blog post that details not only his personal experience as a POC throughout this discussion, but also provides a concise primer on the unreasonable standards our BIPOC friends are held to. He makes specific suggestions for moving forward, including strategies for OLA as an organization and for library directors and managers.

I recommend everyone following this discussion (and those new to the thread) give it a read.


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