[Libs-Or] Library Emergency Plans...did anybody use theirs?

Tony Greiner tony_greiner at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 3 10:14:23 PDT 2020

About a dozen years ago, I believe after a hurricane did major damage to the University of Hawaii library, there was a lot of talk about libraries creating emergency plans in case of catastrophes.  That eventually faded away, but I am curious:

a.  Did your library create a plan?
b.  Did you follow it with the Covid-19 shutdown?
c.  Did it include strategies for an epidemic?
d. Did it work?

Certainly the library I worked at had to put a lot of things together on the fly- maybe we can learn something from this experience that we can carry on to the next 'black swan' event.

Tony Greiner

**tony_greiner at hotmail.com**
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