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 This Week's Topic: SOCIAL MEDIA

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... How You Can Use Facebook Live
2. COMMUNICATING ... Online Meetings: Use CHAT strategically!
3. LEADERSHIP ... Rose-colored glasses ... good or bad?

[Facebook Live]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cYp2z47mBl-roCpmloM0THDRKHPliphTgIRs7cHDmaQBQduDyiAxgSf_trXlrAU_JM2tYl2o5w7EC__KRm5_oenDVVszQDbWga5-fhyr0qftP_nJmFuHRXqkfADaIjIE1U1xK4J5j16Gp5rl-krzKe0afOHsuUFXJoKhyeRUqvh-SB2W1w2LgODKiLksxLDL&c=_v43UeATJR08VqDVH7KIIMaGg-kMbGlNxK5tqzisqmeJYb-jcKlqmQ==&ch=s-RowfOfzkKGgr_RZB06rFnt16RmCCZgs0HSr7qkAzOrzRIirEAX8Q==>

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SOCIAL MEDIA - How You Can Use Facebook Live

The other day I was speaking with a colleague and she told me that she was about to talk to her daughter on Facebook Live. I asked her if she meant FaceTime – as there is a big difference! I explained to her that FaceTime allows for one-to-one conversations, like a regular phone call (with video), but Facebook Live is when you post live footage (video) out through Facebook. (Yes, she had meant FaceTime.)

[Facebook live]

If you're a bit confused about what Facebook Live is, and how you might be able to use it in your organization (or personally), let's take a look. And… if you want to find more useful live videos -- we'll show you where you can find them in your FB account.

Introduced in 2016, Facebook added "Facebook Live" to its social media platform. It is a live video streaming tool where you can broadcast from your mobile device (or computer) right to your personal profile or your organization's page, group or event pages. In a nutshell, you simply turn on the "Live" option, adjust a few settings, and your video starts displaying live in your news feed. Viewers can watch, comment, and interact with you.

Major news outlets and TV shows often stream "real time" content to Facebook Live ... usually events such as a presidential new conference, snippets of talk shows and concert performances. The good news is that with this FB Live you can go live. It's like your own little TV channel!

NOTE: Let's make sure we understand the difference between streaming and live streaming.

·     Streaming is delivering content over the internet. It's an alternative to downloading. You get to watch a show without adding any files to your device (your computer, cell phone or tablet). For example, when you watch a YouTube video or a Netflix movie, you're viewing streamed content.

·     Live Streaming is delivering material over the internet ... but in "real" time. You get to watch it while the material is being put out there. (And yes, it may once have been live, and is now a recorded version being streamed later.)

This article is showing you what can be done by you (or any Facebook user), to make good use of the streaming live feature in this social media tool called Facebook. You can also think of it as holding a webinar online, but instead of using something like Zoom or Hangouts, you're using Facebook.

You find the streaming content in Facebook by clicking on the word "Watch" in the left panel.


Why Use Facebook Live?

So, why would you want to go live instead of just creating a video and posting it to Facebook? Statistics show that "live" video can have up to SIX times more interactions with the audience than recorded video, or static images. That's a lot! And Facebook Live can help you connect with your audience in a very direct and genuine way. Think about how you could use it to:

[stream a live event]

·     Announce special upcoming events -- like a book launch or performance.
·     Showcase a live event as it's happening to people that can't attend.
·     Stream live events via video instead of in-person -- like a conference, panel discussion, or story-time.
·     Answer questions in real time and chat with the participants about a topic.
·     Hold an interview with a special guest.
·     Use it to demo a product or give a tutorial.

Interesting story. One of my first introductions to Facebook Live a few years ago was when the company Lularoe was very popular. Individual sales consultants would stream on Facebook Live as they were unpacking boxes in their home of new products that they received. As an item came out of the box the consultant gave the details about that particular piece. I couldn't believe how viewers would comment "I want to buy it" and the item was sold instantly! What a great marketing technique. Think how you could use that idea in a library or school situation!

What Do You Need to Use Facebook Live?

Now, you might be thinking that you need to have a high-tech camera or other special equipment. That's the beauty of this platform. You don't need anything more than your Facebook account and smartphone, iPad or laptop with a decent camera! Most newer devices have adequate microphones built in. However, to make sure your videos are better quality, here are a few items to consider:

[Facebook live preparation]

·     Audio -- Be sure to limit background noise. And if you are more than a few feet away from your recording device, look into getting a handheld, wireless or "smart phone" microphone for better sound quality.

·     Lighting -- In most indoor situations you'll need to add some extra lighting unless you can time it to have great, natural sunlight. If you to do want a special lamp and you're on a budget, look at a "Selfie Ring Light."


·     Stabilization -- Keep the camera still. So you don't want to be holding your device while you film. Use a tripod or prop up your camera so that the video isn't blurry or shaky. TIP: If your phone has a PopSocket or Pull-Topper you can hang your device over the edge of a mug to keep the camera still.

Get Ready to Live Stream

Just as a Facebook Live presentation needs a beginning, a middle and an end, you'll need to do a bit of work before, during and after a live stream.


·     Announce and promote your live stream ahead of time so followers can plan to attend. Share the details (time, topic) in your: Facebook feed, other social networks, your website, etc.
·     Don't go live without a plan of what you'll say. Jot down some talking points or an outline of your topic. You should have a planned introduction, content and closing.
·     Practice ahead of time. You want to be natural, but not scripted so a rehearsal will help you sound more polished when you go live. Why? Because you're live. There are no "re-dos" or editing.

[during your presentation]

During Your Facebook Live

·     In your broadcast introduce yourself at the beginning, but also weave in additional times where you tell who you are and what your presentation is about as new viewers can join at any point.
·     Be personable.. like you're having an in-person conversation with someone instead of talking "at" them.
·     Encourage viewers to post comments or questions so that you can respond to them instantly ... as you'll see them on your screen. TIP: Team up with a partner to type in answers to questions while you're speaking.
·     Suggest they "Like and Share" the video during and after the live stream.
·     Ask viewers for feedback with Facebook emojis/reactions.
·     Mention attendees by name – like "Hey, welcome Christa that just joined from New Orleans…"
·     Mistakes do happen, so just smile and move on. It actually lends to authenticity.
·     Make your key points quickly. Statistics show that top-performing Facebook Live videos are between 15-20 minutes long.
·     Close the video with a nice sign-off or call-to-action.

After Your Live Presentation:

Get more mileage out of your live stream. You can save it as a video in your account and share the link to other platforms. (See how to do that below.)

How to Get Started Streaming

How you actually start streaming depends on what device you're using. It varies based on whether it's mobile or a computer, and with Facebook, it's changing all the time. But the settings are mostly the same. Let's look at a few of these.

Stream to a Personal or Organization Facebook Page

·     Click to start a post and locate the "Live" icon. On a desktop it will be an option when you create a post, while on a smart device it may be displayed before clicking into the post. (TIP: FB has moved the location of the Live button many times, so look for the red camera icon in the post section.)

From a Desktop laptop or computer:

From a smart device (phone, tablet):

[from desktop]

[from a smart device]

[streaming options]

·     Select and set permissions for your audio and video.

·     In the menu, select whether you'd like to Go Live Now or Schedule a Live Video for a future date.

·     Configure Sharing options. Choose to share your live video as a post, not as a Facebook story (when saved as a story, the video will only be available while you are broadcasting and it will not be saved to your profile.)

·     Add a title and description.

·     Click Go Live to begin streaming.

Broadcast to Only a Group

·     From your page, click Groups in the left menu and select the group you'd like to go live in.

·     Click Live Video at the top of the Write Post area.

·     Follow the settings options as outline above.

After You Go Live…

Live video will automatically be displayed on your personal profile, page, or group after the live stream has ended (if you have saved it as a post). To increase visibility you can share your video. Depending on the privacy settings options you selected, you will have some (or all) of these choices:

·     Share Now (Friends) or Share
·     Send as a Message
·     Share in a Group
·     Share on a Friend’s Timeline
·     Share to a Page

[Facebook live integrations]

Other Broadcasting Options

There are other platforms that will connect to your Facebook account so that you can stream the video directly to Facebook Live. Zoom.us<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cYp2z47mBl-roCpmloM0THDRKHPliphTgIRs7cHDmaQBQduDyiAxgSf_trXlrAU_KIkOQMo150oGuonnLLKpncCAehTGH8V5q1RNFI0SV0pdONrUzCwJ0X_vrJhWdx24NY1oFrkIBGsAG2jPMZdwGGLbFgXQkalhFrz-7QReq3sT1VSpPl25v7D0JX3tUmYgoCRww7mFHA9DOjGV0Cqg_LhgwHusJTfmAYxekQiwKOle8RVJ1_P3XppzynZTO4P4&c=_v43UeATJR08VqDVH7KIIMaGg-kMbGlNxK5tqzisqmeJYb-jcKlqmQ==&ch=s-RowfOfzkKGgr_RZB06rFnt16RmCCZgs0HSr7qkAzOrzRIirEAX8Q==> has a direct integration.

Or, with the help of streaming apps like the free open source tool called OBS Studio<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cYp2z47mBl-roCpmloM0THDRKHPliphTgIRs7cHDmaQBQduDyiAxgSf_trXlrAU_ux2r03ZrBTUDGCjKXqK91cdqbij4cGREyBJqKdZS-zQ10NqUNQT463lgcVrY0OwTNff--kMIOQYYnCPUfFdbug==&c=_v43UeATJR08VqDVH7KIIMaGg-kMbGlNxK5tqzisqmeJYb-jcKlqmQ==&ch=s-RowfOfzkKGgr_RZB06rFnt16RmCCZgs0HSr7qkAzOrzRIirEAX8Q==> – you can host a meeting on sites like GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, or WebinarJam and they will stream live to your Facebook account.

How Can I Find Facebook Live (and Recorded) Videos?

If you wish to attend Facebook Live videos or view after-the fact, there are a couple ways to find them.

·     You may receive a notification from people you engage with on Facebook that they are going live.
·     In your feed, or when you go to someone's page you can see the saved recording.
·     Or, from your page in the left menu click the "Watch" icon to search for a specific video or topic.

[Watch livestreams]


Communications: Online Meetings
Use CHAT strategically!

OK, you're holding a meeting or a webinar presentation and you'd like to get everyone involved.

But there's a problem ... they don't want to raise their hand or be singled out for everyone to see and hear. So, how can you get them engaged? How can you eliminate the fear they have of sticking out?

Use the CHAT feature strategically.

First, you want to get their "chat fingers warmed up." That means to ask a question at the very beginning that everyone can answer easily. We do that in the Tech-Talk webinars by having everyone put their city and state in the chat box.

·     It's an easy answer without judgement. Everyone is safe in answering.

·     We often then ask, "If a visitor came to town, what is one thing you'd want to show them"? (Again, everyone can offer up an answer. There is no right or wrong answer.)

Next, as the presenter or moderator, show that you're seen the entries. Read some of the aloud, paraphrase, comment. For example:

·     "We have Oneonta, NY, Tampa, even Carol from my city, Sarasota."
·     "Cool, there's a mineral spa in North Port."
·     "I don't think I know where Lightbridge is in Oregon."

Doing this gets them warmed up and willing to participate!

In the next issue, we'll show you specific ways you can more easily get them to engage in the content part of your presentation ... after you've got them starting to use the chat feature in the preamble.


Rose-colored glasses ... good or bad?

What do you think?

Is wearing rose-colored glasses a good thing or a bad thing?

In a previous issue, we talked about how managers are often looking through "rose-colored" glasses. In that instance, we posed the idea that thinking your team was just fine ... instead of really being in touch with their feelings about work, their assignments, their frustrations ... was a missed opportunity at best. That taking off the rose-colored glasses would be a good thing.

Now, what about another intention, "Put on your rose-colored glasses!" Do you want to always be looking at the down side of a situation? Or would you prefer to see the world through a rosy tint?

For instance, you look outside and see clouds. You can think, "Great, it's not raining now." or you can think, "I bet it's going to rain today."

When you have situations that call for fear or worry, perhaps leaders should wear rose-colored glasses in the sense of putting a positive face on the day.

What do you think? Share here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cYp2z47mBl-roCpmloM0THDRKHPliphTgIRs7cHDmaQBQduDyiAxgSf_trXlrAU_3msBWv7p9L6I0rOtlRWAkWZhJQsf_9JIq1LOVYoSr2130mdm9vskIYhyeNTZbuRsNArGq2Qvvk4v7K-RouEEHiksOzM4L5gqh7Q-yXvdYEWAUk969L5xJyF3o9kS4ZfGWZZgecN_euY=&c=_v43UeATJR08VqDVH7KIIMaGg-kMbGlNxK5tqzisqmeJYb-jcKlqmQ==&ch=s-RowfOfzkKGgr_RZB06rFnt16RmCCZgs0HSr7qkAzOrzRIirEAX8Q==> in the Tech-Talk library at the bottom of the post. In what scenarios is wearing rose-colored glasses ... good or bad?


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cYp2z47mBl-roCpmloM0THDRKHPliphTgIRs7cHDmaQBQduDyiAxgR3roTgd6_-7OFQFgTsM8Rk6fmu_UNxXlbPnPWNXud1KGqSEjVtT5NaOcCyrEXek7HP7akYprB6K9J4JajNo-bRLYZNw10UvgCBZhXQjM8JIbjZjc9fR_eU=&c=_v43UeATJR08VqDVH7KIIMaGg-kMbGlNxK5tqzisqmeJYb-jcKlqmQ==&ch=s-RowfOfzkKGgr_RZB06rFnt16RmCCZgs0HSr7qkAzOrzRIirEAX8Q==>

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