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Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Apr 28 15:58:10 PDT 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
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 This Week's Topic: VIDEO

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Use Windows 10 Photos App to Make Videos
2. COMMUNICATING ... Using one bullet ... NOT
3. LEADERSHIP ... Story of "MO"


Photo by David Clode<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB34VZRbgDWAu3TH8NQSCF53sM50tE9xQjzGRsHcoep_ovaNbm3tPAziqpXlO6_SXDIluRcLGLcqSv_hooRGVD8XC8AAJvEpTbDzfImii-DCObBw0Fpf-zcl_j9mfuZruik0T8HN8IlL0eXwLQFHdh6hHe4hL9F33woJYBns4OHwWu7hBb-6OECg5ezy5A9YUn0QlK4ASlhWtJ7npa1Mk86Q=&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB34VZRbgDWAuvRp03hljrQ2sLxi7ERDwToGlAOneIxoaiCgi583haW8k_zkqkTvzodH5e3zQIolhBK1Z3uT64_jflrwuukXskCyyHNZbx_Y2ED2qWWmLWF5GLbwnQbM3peucWEgkP4uZJ_Ur1usXU_9NG85cWJ7DE1Ga8AR_EcqjmlLD4SjEGbQNRZBabByjF6Hbkfzo4WABBbkngHVGQow=&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==>

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VIDEO - Use Windows 10 Photos App to Make Videos

Just about everyone on planet earth these days wishes there were an easier way to create and edit a video, right? You may be one of them.

As we were looking for software and web tools to show you, we are surprised to learn that the Windows Movie Maker program has been retired. However, Microsoft does have a replacement in Windows 10… you just have to know where to find it.


You see… it's actually kind of hiding inside the Microsoft Photos app.

With it, you can create a video with your photos and video clips and include music, motion, text, and more right in the Photos app.

And yes, it's kind of a stripped-down version of Movie Maker. It's for those who want a simple tool to quickly pull a video together.

In fact, it contains "Automatic video" options where you select photos and/or video to include and the app will add music and a "style" to it. If you don't like what was picked for you, there's a "Remix it for me" option to change it up. Just save the version you like!

And of course, there's a custom option that puts you in full control. You can keep it simple or easily add movement and animated 3D effects like sparkles or fireworks to your video!

First, Open the Photos App

There are two ways to open the Photos App:

·     Go to the Start menu (the white Windows icon in the very bottom of your screen, at the far left). Then in the alphabetical list, arrow down to find "Photos" and click on it.

·     Or, type Photos in the Windows search box (the one next to the Start menu icon) and choose the Photos app.

Because there are two different editing modes in the Photos App that you can use (Video Remix or Custom), we'll start with the easier option first: Video Remix.

Video Remix: Preparing Your Images and Videos


Although this option makes it easy to create videos from your images and video clips... there's one caveat that is important to know to save you time...
Everything you're going to put in your video
(the pictures, video clips, etc) has to be in a specific place.

So before you jump in and start making your video, you need to first have the images and videos that you want to work with ... saved in your Windows Pictures folder.

There are two (2) ways to move / copy your photos and videos to the Pictures folder:

·     Inside Windows Explorer ... create a new project folder inside the main Pictures folder and save all of your image/video files there. It will be MUCH easier to locate these files later.

·     Within the Photos app ... click on Folders at the top, find the Import button in the upper right corner and choose to import From a folder or From a USB device (as in the image below).

[import images]

Using Video Remix

 Now that you have your pictures ready…

·     Open the Photos app (if not open already).

·     IMPORTANT: It is MUCH easier if you don't start a "New Video" until you are IN the folder with your pictures ... Go to Folders Tab and click on the exact Folder that you created for your video project. Depending on how you made it, the folder may be displayed immediately or it may be nested inside your main Pictures folder.

·     WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? When you create a project folder and start from that Folder, all of your files are ready to go. But if you open the Photos app and go right to New Video, Automatic Video... you'll be taken to your main Pictures folder that has all of your media listed chronologically by creation date. That would mean you'd need to sift through it all to find the video clips and images you want to include.

·     So, let's get started with that folder open (viewing the media for your video), from the menu in the upper right, click New and select Automatic video.

[open folder]

·     You'll be prompted to Name your video. IMPORTANT: the name you type in will be the title shown in the video, so keep it short and snappy.
·     Your "remixed" video will instantly be created for you!
·     If you're happy with it, click Finish and follow the prompts to export your completed video and save it to your desktop.

However… you have options.

·     If you're not crazy about the video, click the "Remix it for me" button to change the theme, content or pacing. The app will drop in different music choices and re-order the images and video for you.

[remix video]

·     Or click the Edit video button to make changes. We'll go over these custom functions in the steps in the full article in Tech-Talk<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB34VZRbgDWAul9UCNnHKcc_xabKseMnmM1-vtdU8-P4G_cNHP4hBbALnmyNpTJDYuN1pn3g5zXfppAGMA8xfx0e4vuwaI_6VSvI_CJ64w5Z8fj1optcnGBbXJvGaC0kesMJHPhHj6KvDYCipBfeVHnQN1VwAexj0cQ==&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==>.

Create Your Video With Manual Controls

There's more! In the full article in the Tech-Talk.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB34VZRbgDWAul9UCNnHKcc_xabKseMnmM1-vtdU8-P4G_cNHP4hBbALnmyNpTJDYuN1pn3g5zXfppAGMA8xfx0e4vuwaI_6VSvI_CJ64w5Z8fj1optcnGBbXJvGaC0kesMJHPhHj6KvDYCipBfeVHnQN1VwAexj0cQ==&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==> database we'll look at all the things you can do when you create a video with the manual controls... including:

·     Adding media files
·     Editing video clips with split and trim
·     Adding special effects with filters and movement
·     Changing the photo display length
·     Adding background music
·     Inserting a title card and text overlay

Forgot your organization's login? Scroll up to the top where you see your logo. You'll find it there!

View the Full Article on Using the Windows 10 Photo App to Make Videos<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB34VZRbgDWAul9UCNnHKcc_xabKseMnmM1-vtdU8-P4G_cNHP4hBbALnmyNpTJDYuN1pn3g5zXfppAGMA8xfx0e4vuwaI_6VSvI_CJ64w5Z8fj1optcnGBbXJvGaC0kesMJHPhHj6KvDYCipBfeVHnQN1VwAexj0cQ==&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==>


Communications: Writing
How many bullets is too few?

Everybody uses bullets in their writing. It's an excellent way to list important points and break up the text.

Here's where it goes wrong...

Never, ever ... ever use one bullet point.

Example of what NOT to do:

Tech-Talk is a training resource for non-techies.
·     There are many different content categories such as Office Suite and Internet.

If you only have one idea, it's not a list. It makes no sense then to use a bullet.

What you can do is to: 1) find a way to make that text append to the words just before it or 2) break the idea in two to make at least two bullets.

Good Example:

Tech-Talk is a training resource for non-techies with many different content categories
such as Office Suite and the Internet.


Tech-Talk is a training resource for non-techies
·     There are many different content categories
·     Areas include Office Suite, the Internet and more


Story of MO

If we were talking about the basic work-related needs of people, I propose there are three groups within any organization: 1) executives, 2) managers and supervisors, and 3) employees.

We've created a scenario around this concept, with specific characters, names and purposes. It's called: The Story of MO.

The Story of MO

1. Executives. They're the folks at the top of the food chain, who want above all, to succeed. That's their goal. That's their reason for existence. They want to take an organization and have it prosper. Regardless of whether it's in the private, public or nonprofit sector, their goal is to achieve a solid return on their huge investment of time, money and talent.
We'll call the executive, WIN for Winifred or Winthrop.

2. Managers (and Supervisors). They are in the middle. They want to meet the organization's objectives set for them and they know the effectiveness of their team is instrumental in achieving their goals. They are continually juggling the different tasks and conflicting priorities set before them.

We'll call the manager, RIPTORN (Rip for short) because he or she is often "torn" between two directions … responding to the executive's wishes on one hand, and supporting the needs of the team on the other.

3. Employees. These are the body of the workforce. They have the end responsibility for getting things done. Employees are often the folks closest to the customer … making the sale, delivering the service, repairing equipment. They have an insider's view to the inner workings of the organization.

Employees, above all (more than money or promotions) want to make a contribution to something bigger than themselves. They want to be an integral part of the whole. They want to be of value.

We'll call the employee VAL (Valentino or Valerie) … for wanting to be of value.

4. Then there is MO (SharedMomentum). MO is the energy engine that is created when these three groups work together with a shared vision and a culture of mutual respect. MO is energized, positive communications between managers and employees that constantly confirms the value each individual contributes by sharing, listening and acting.

[More about MO in future issues]


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=00174J5Ny8EmM0I-gkL0_cI97R7J-qMCZD6AvaoIw4mUhJr98_UoM3LB6D4EWUGb3ZbLtz5YIoN3hLiPO_oS-9_JAS6wmne1A1pK72UFK5FEwAPZk_yZjYPBqoUcuiP_vZyU_qOyGjbV35RMDkkEx25hEZEHp9Phj8Uv_URrzY3vf8=&c=YsCZTlv-i-h-3A7vkogCI1pzXrO44lAP9jH3EYHxWVlnt6Qgeu6YTg==&ch=_xbJmcDOrOtM8QlXtnnAubLOOzNfLef-qPv6i-c71OA5NBpt-eAIlQ==>

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