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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!

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Use your phone as a scanner


 This Week's Topic: MOBILE

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Scan Documents from Your Smart Phone
2. COMMUNICATING ... Should I lay down or lie down?
3. LEADERSHIP ... Executive Interview .. three questions for feedback

·     Dec 9: Creative Ways to Use Tech-Talk With Patrons and Students (For Staff of Tech-Talk Subscribing Libraries & Schools)

·     Dec 16: Video Editing! (You asked for it!)

·     Jan 6: eLive, aA New Technique for Engaging Students While Teaching Content ... If They Have Individual and Instant Online Access

·     Jan 20: Pre-Scheduling Social Media Posts with Calendar Tools.

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[scan image]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tF6AK6EAEFreDFg20imtREjF1VubBTNNseu-V9217oVkJKH6kw-UjiDMPXeWzP513L7lvPlAnLzSa_711tsbjT_tmrZwJYCsjoAWuRYBXvq96MZvc6k2_EJGih8WLc8D0vgFdtEbWDnKhnvs6cRrN3MoZc2bC6_yk8glimP0phJV86XBLxkX9qd7DpTryROR-ocJKoZImfc=&c=GMlYmsGs4ZGE2Gu0C391NWxLi0GGFyXiWmmORD7SjnchOCMDi7PLYw==&ch=LIlO-dwqkh1sLYx0bC2Q7NmJseuL2i7e88bLh0Hd905aGBkEVncXRw==>

Photo by Marina Khrapova<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tF6AK6EAEFreDFg20imtREjF1VubBTNNseu-V9217oVkJKH6kw-UjiDMPXeWzP51ULYsVnGMCvmj1oxObin2y09GfysiVZgQCuGSqsJ2OsigzmtVJhljthRQk2CDd14hdVBVIKYOA6Bl1q0GWpZFxFdFgn5Qb-V_HyYfx9gJFNb8UrTdOA74Xa_J4Y7l4oOCHwN1hVLpz53iNohjE5MazVmrhO600WXlIfMIkjdBtmRpz3UzZ_yf0mtn4z1Q_JGy&c=GMlYmsGs4ZGE2Gu0C391NWxLi0GGFyXiWmmORD7SjnchOCMDi7PLYw==&ch=LIlO-dwqkh1sLYx0bC2Q7NmJseuL2i7e88bLh0Hd905aGBkEVncXRw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tF6AK6EAEFreDFg20imtREjF1VubBTNNseu-V9217oVkJKH6kw-UjiDMPXeWzP51BvLHLWGgX3MaBt_H5PZvt-cJnzBDdH6V8cezGmG9-PKjGAd4_TGDnn9nUpYphh_bCpTlPJVzmBnD63F4co-VRklSQYeE8o7u1Wo6TKiynYtaa46UMuwWpZddf4Z1hblu_8RARDPZNqHBVcKzNaIy8YEiCtRgu0-pQXII5-wdWXh0k82v3LUE3z71WBrFlUzt9NmkuzjOBA1mc7kPFklu9Q==&c=GMlYmsGs4ZGE2Gu0C391NWxLi0GGFyXiWmmORD7SjnchOCMDi7PLYw==&ch=LIlO-dwqkh1sLYx0bC2Q7NmJseuL2i7e88bLh0Hd905aGBkEVncXRw==>

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MOBILE - Scan Documents from Your Smart Phone

What do you do when you don't have a scanner handy?

I needed to print, sign and send a document back to my accountant the other day. I took a picture of the piece of paper with my phone to send as an image file, but it was a bit fuzzy. Then I learned I could use my phone as a scanner… and save the document as a crisp and readable PDF.

[scan image]

Even though the world's gone mostly digital, there are times when we need to deal with paper files. Fax machines are a thing of the past, but almost everyone has a smart device.

Well... you can use your phone to SCAN a piece of paper and create a PDF file - rather than take a picture of it with your camera.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can do this. You can scan documents like receipts, letters, and billing statements to save them as PDF's so they are handy when you need them..

Most likely you already have the app for this on your phone, or you can download it for free.

Scan a Document with an iPhone or iPad

[Notes app]

The secret is not in taking a picture of your paper document, but in using the NOTES app on your phone to scan and save it as a PDF.


·     On your iPhone (or iPad), open the Notes app and select a Note or create a new one.

·     Tap the Camera button.

·     Then tap Scan Documents.

·     Place your paper document in view of the camera.

·     Tap the Shutter button (or one of the Volume buttons).

·     Next, drag the corners of the image to adjust the scan to fit the page and tap Keep Scan. TIP: If your device is in Auto mode, your document will automatically scan.

·     Repeat this step for every page you want to scan.

·     Tap Save after you've scanned all the items you'd like to include. The button will have a count of how many pages you scanned at the bottom.

[share scan]

·     The scanned page(s) will save in your Note in the Notes app.

·     Your device will detect text within the document to name it. To re-name, just tap the text and a Rename window will open.

·     Use the upload button in the upper right corner of the Note to choose to text, email, save to a location, etc.…

Scan with an Android Device

[Google Play]

NOTE: There are many different types of Android phones. If you don't see the exact steps as noted below, look for similar options.

You may find a variety of apps built just for scanning files, but if you already have Google Drive on your phone, that's all you need. This app generally comes preinstalled on Android devices, but if you don't see it, you can download it in the Google Play store for free.


To scan a document on an Android device:

·     Open the Google Drive app.

·     In the bottom right, tap the Plus (+) symbol.

·     Then select Scan.

·     Take a photo of the document you'd like to scan by pressing the button.
[scan button]
·     Adjust the scan area by using Crop. You can use the paint palette icon to adjust the Color, or use the Rotate key if needed.
[adjust settings]

·     To add another page, tap the Plus icon (+) and the view finder opens to take another scan.

·     When done, tap the Save key.

·     You can adjust the Title of the document and save to a location.

·     To share the new PDF, go to the top left and click on the 3 horizontal lines to Search and go to Recent files. Tap the 3 dots next to the file to open sharing options. Or if the PDF is open, in the top right corner tap the 3 vertical dots for these same choices.

NOTE: Just like other scanned documents these PDFs are not editable as they are images of pages. By using the NOTES app, the text clarity is far better than it would be if you were taking a picture.


Communications: Grammar
Is it Lay down or Lie down?

Boy am I glad I looked this up before publishing one of my blogs. The topic in it dealt with the best positions for reclining on a bed or a couch after eating.

The problem was that I wasn't sure if I should say "lay down" or "lie down." Lie seemed wrong because it reminded me of the action of not telling the truth (a lie), so I thought it must be lay - like laying down a set of rules. And when it came to past tense, it got even more confusing.

And then I checked. Good thing, because I had it all wrong. Not only was I able to correct it, but I found a way to remember which is which so that I won't make a mistake next time.

You lie down but you lay something down.

Here's the secret: Lie does not require a direct object. Lay does.

"Lying down on your back is the best position
for your body to digest food." (No direct object.)

But then it gets even trickier when you consider the other tenses (see the one for Past. That's one of the reasons it's easy to become confused.)

·     To Lie: to recline (cannot have a direct object)
·     Present: lie
·     Past: lay
·     Present Participle: lying
·     Past Participle: lain

If you are laying something down like a book or a document, it's different.

·     To Lay: to put or to place (must have a direct object)
·     Present: lay
·     Past: laid
·     Present Participle: laying
·     Past Participle: laid


Executive Interview as a model for feedback

When I worked in a corporate environment, there was a process called Executive Interviews. These were 15-minute sessions with my manager's boss.

What was unusual were the three questions that my "executive" would ask each time. I pose them here for your consideration.

1. "What am I doing that I should continue?" This will be a feel-good question for him or her ... as well as being insightful.

2. "What am I doing that I should stop doing?" The information gained here could be valuable ... or it may be an opportunity to explain why not stopping is important.

3. "What am I doing that I should change in some way?" The executive may get ideas for improving the department ... or perhaps modifying his or her management style.

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001tF6AK6EAEFreDFg20imtREjF1VubBTNNseu-V9217oVkJKH6kw-UjgX2t5yUCI_DnOerX4kztmnmRpbTS2CbZw7zPyDf0M9IjmYi4s0x5o8lnElqjSyQqbK8wU_D-vnUG4fjQyVYmgjtlA49kuepmbEAKVZzv4FrfGUdOmIxHHE=&c=GMlYmsGs4ZGE2Gu0C391NWxLi0GGFyXiWmmORD7SjnchOCMDi7PLYw==&ch=LIlO-dwqkh1sLYx0bC2Q7NmJseuL2i7e88bLh0Hd905aGBkEVncXRw==>

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