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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!

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Control what programs are running when you boot up




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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Is Microsoft Teams (or Another App) Opening Automatically?
2. COMMUNICATING ... Listicles get great attention.
3. LEADERSHIP ... Is there anything new in leadership?
·     Jan 6: eLive, A New Technique for Delivering Content That Keeps Everyone Learning (Synchronous, Realtime).
·     Jan 20: Pre-Scheduling Social Media Posts with Calendar Tools.

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WINDOWS - Is Microsoft Teams (or Another App) Opening Automatically?


It's exciting to get a new computer and load up all the software to begin, right? However, when I connected my laptop to Microsoft 365, each day and I booted up, Microsoft Teams would open automatically. And each day I closed the application.

There are only so many times you can overlook this before it becomes annoying!

You may have experienced the same thing with Teams – or other apps – on a new computer, or after a Windows 10 update.

What we learned was, Microsoft, in an effort to encourage you to use Teams, has set the Windows default to open up every time you start your computer. Some people may use it every day, but if you don't, you can flip one little switch and it won't auto-open in the future. You can open it only when you want to use it.

So, if you want to decide which programs open when you boot up, take a look below for a few different ways to do this.

NOTE: Some apps are required to run at Startup, so be thoughtful in those that you may disable. For example, don't turn off anything that has to do with virus protection or security.

Disable from the Startup Apps Settings

[Startup Apps]

·     In the Search box in the lower left of your tray, type Startup, and select Startup Apps (system settings) from the list.

·     In the Startup window, scroll through the list of programs to find Microsoft Teams (or other apps you want to change) and toggle the On button to Off.

·     When you're finished, click the Close button in the upper right corner of the window.

[turn off]

Disable Startup Apps from the Task Manager

You can also access these settings from the Task Manager.

·     Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and choose Task Manager.

·     Click More Details if the window is not fully open.

·     Go to the Startup tab and find the app.

·     Select the app and click the Disable button.

[Task Manager]

Startup Impact Settings

You may wonder what the Impact Settings mean shown next to each program – None, Low, Medium, or High.

Well… as you might expect, the higher the impact indicator, the longer it will take for an app to load, increasing the time it takes for Windows to start. A High impact app may be slowing down the system at startup, although it may be required.

If you want to make changes look for programs (like Microsoft Teams) that you'd rather open manually when needed, instead of automatically.

Again, be careful as some apps are critical (backup programs like Carbonite or antivirus software), while others may be programs you've installed that are just convenient to open automatically (QuickBooks, Spotify, Skype, for example.)

[startup apps impact]

Microsoft Teams Specific Settings

[auto start]

Additionally, for Microsoft Teams, there's a setting right in the app to disable the auto-startup.

·     Open the Microsoft Teams app.

·     Find the Profile icon in the top right corner and click on Settings.

·     Un-check the checkbox for Auto-start application and On close, keep the application running.

[change settings]


Communications: Writing
Listicles get great attention

Whether it's long or short, a listicle is a great approach to a blog or an article because it captures people's attention quickly and keeps them engaged to the end.

What is a listicle? It's a short form of writing that uses a list as its structure, yet also has plenty of text to support each item so that it can be published as a narrative... (List + Article).

An Abbreviated Example:

7 Reasons To Write A Listicle

1. It's Fast! If you only have to write a paragraph or two about each sub-topic you can usually spit them out pretty quickly. It simplifies your thinking when you can identify a specific number of points.

2. It Focuses on the Main Ideas. Now when the reader is short on time, they can gather the points quickly by scanning down and still picking up the key items of the article.

3. Titles With Numbers Are Catchy. Both busy folks and the Search Engines like titles that start with a number: "3 Steps to ___," "5 Ways to ___," "Top Ten ____." People like numbered list articles (listicles) because it makes the subject easier to understand and it also has their articles reaching a higher ranking in search results.

And so on, you get the point, right?


Is there anything new?

One of our readers commented on one of the Leadership tips in the Tech-Talk Membership site ... and it made me think.

Basically, she (or he) said that the ideas had "allowed me to improve my leadership style." And that "several are items I've seen or heard elsewhere before, but had forgotten."

I wonder...

Is there anything new in Leadership?

That's one thing about Egalitarian Leadership and the processes we've developed (you'll be getting these in 2021). The premises aren't new. But perhaps the means for getting there are.

For instance, having an exciting vision that everyone can buy into. There's nothing revolutionary about that. Many others have written, talked and trained in that area.

But perhaps there is a new angle, or a technique, that strikes a chord with you so that you really get it ... and can implement it in your world.

So what do you think? Is there anything new in Leadership ... or is it like food ... where we have to nourish our leadership thoughts on a regular basis? Share your ideas here.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001j6GwOZwchXSWOieXmkons4vdYWaUcyGFKpAtRvSdbG3jLfR3GdQsD37ZRDdX16XZDvx5-H90vQAjCtUbq5ug2of61BFG97enQ7OcIrJA6VOJ5AKt6YxScuW1Jl3uWXKtzMKsJgJC_lDgGY2-9wUVaaNl4LYXzx8Y7TtEgYesAn8CYnOp7q8dBg==&c=GWnJGOh88OV_AxFBunTnrqlkTT83h5cDfqR9yYtUZ4XR-yY0W13SJA==&ch=-JHkwDZ94TLUraWj90jQPfQ-F46x5j055K2fgi_nYxU6kmoYzCINTQ==>

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001j6GwOZwchXSWOieXmkons4vdYWaUcyGFKpAtRvSdbG3jLfR3GdQsD_CqJWeeBHlv1iy7xiDRhuV-3LADS_sUcZEWLLu2pgGVmIvAz85ESEcquCSOyBPIftGSJVw0oCPIWrqvomAJgqH0AMGtPmrVu8iDP4eHCUd_-gxurxnLS-8=&c=GWnJGOh88OV_AxFBunTnrqlkTT83h5cDfqR9yYtUZ4XR-yY0W13SJA==&ch=-JHkwDZ94TLUraWj90jQPfQ-F46x5j055K2fgi_nYxU6kmoYzCINTQ==>

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