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I want to thank Nicholas Schiller for keeping the discussion as a discussion, instead of participating in attacks on me personally. But I want to add one more bit in response to his latest post. To quote him: "There appears to be no reason to label negative reviews of the book as "attacks." People are allowed to have negative opinions about author's work. There does not appear to by any valid justification to support the claims that a white author is being silenced. (at least none that have been offered in this list-serve thread)."

It was my mistake not to share links to some of those attacks on Cummins personally, and statements that white people should not write about any other race.  Here is one, an essay by Myriam Gurba that demonstrates both of those things, and in a particularily nasty way.

Pendeja, You Ain't no Steinbeck: My Bronca with Fake-Ass Social Justice Literature.<https://tropicsofmeta.com/2019/12/12/pendeja-you-aint-steinbeck-my-bronca-with-fake-ass-social-justice-literature/>

Since much of the online discussion of the "American Dirt" controversy has degenerated into name-callling and ficticious biographies of my life, I'm not going to participate publically anymore.  I have a pretty thick skin, but I think I have made my point, and doubt that many people other than the participants are reading these anymore.

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