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Dear Community Advocates, Students, Colleagues, Community Members And

For your convenience to post, share and forward, I have attached the "Free
Daca Renewal Clinic" and the Taller de Renovación de "DACA" flyers. Please
let me know as soon as you can if you will be able to attend this event so
I can reserve space for your program and/or organization.  Feel free to
contact me if you have any questions or concerns at 971-570-2900, it is
best if you text me if you are not able to reach me at my office phone

Thank you, With respect and gratitude, Luz

*Luz Maciel Villarroel, Ph.D.Dreamers  Resource Center
luz.villarroel15 at pcc.edu
Ella, She,
*Portland Community College*
*Rock Creek Campus*
*Dreamers Resource Center Building 2/101*
*17705 NW Springville Road*
Portland, OR 97229
[image: Promoción image20171019 43072 ehv27k]
is the Key to Your Future,*
*               La Educacion es la llave de nuestro futuro,  Luz*

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