[Libs-Or] Name that book? (Horses)

Suzanne Harold smhreadnow at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 10:12:07 PST 2020

Trying to track down a book title. Here's what the reader remembers:

She read it in the 80s - maybe Walter Farley or Marguerite Henry?

The person dyes away distinctive markings to disguise the horse, possibly
using black shoe polish. And then the polish comes off at some point.

Not Emily's Runaway Imagination by Cleary, or the Sherlock Holmes story
about Silver Blaze.

I'm thinking Walter Farley because I vaguely remember this book, and I read
a ton of Farley but little to no Henry as a kid.

Could it be The Black Stallion? The plot summaries I've managed to find
focus on the island & rescue and don't mention anything about disguises or
shoe polish.

Thanks in advance! Suzanne Harold

P.S. To quote the woman asking, "What's the kids' book where the horse dyes
at the end?" ;-)
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