[Libs-Or] Bag ban questions

Elena Gleason Elena.Gleason at hillsboro-oregon.gov
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We stopped offering plastic bags to patrons in August 2018, and replaced that option with circulating sturdy canvas totes (in addition to those available for sale from our Friends). This has been hugely successful for us! Since they were introduced, tote bags have circulated 4518 times across our two locations. Some do go missing, but for us it’s worth the cost of ordering additional bags when needed.

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In our case, our local City Council decided that we were not exempt from the bag ban. However, we have some thick bags on hand if it is precipitating and someone asks, as we are allowed to protect public property (library materials) from getting damaged.

- Christy

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It does not affect us. The law only officially applies to “retail stores and restaurants.” Look under “What do businesses need to know?” here: https://www.oregon.gov/deq/mm/production/Pages/Bags.aspx<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.oregon.gov_deq_mm_production_Pages_Bags.aspx&d=DwMFaQ&c=jVj56eFZMBdw2XTy1WmujjlEfwGR4yGcPx8hs15Otm8&r=FJp3qRtUoxlm4xpPIToHBd8jWFlkdyZFx8Sqk3PbAW_axg9jSWe5fvV9PQ7BisTA&m=9KAhQU-j8hESN6HkJjCKddGX2gzk0I34H7ytG0ZovPA&s=S12crp8q9-bedAbg1pkJVscsLj5JqbRBZspqM9XWFzQ&e=>

We did decide to start selling cheap reusable totes, but local people donate their plastic bags to use to hand out.  So we’ll probably keep accepting donated bags for a while. I’m assuming that over time the donations will eventually die down as most people transition to using reusable or paper bags.

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We have long had a habit of keeping a stash of donated plastic grocery bags available to the public for carrying their items, especially on rainy days. Does anyone know whether the bag ban would impact this, if we're reusing plastic bags rather than purchasing them? Does the ban apply to public libraries at all?


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