[Libs-Or] [REFORMANET] Fwd: [UWMOSAIC] More Latino students than ever are trying to get their degree, but it’s fraught and costly

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Thanks for sharing this, Max! I'm going to have to seek out the other articles in this Hecho en USA series -- that was some great reporting.

It's got me thinking about whether the library could partner with other organizations to help with prepping students for the shift to college…


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More Latino students than ever are trying to get their degree, but it’s fraught and costly

Record amounts of Latinos are attending colleges, but they're intimidated by the cost, whiteness and bureaucracy.

by Chris Quintana    USA TODAY   January 6, 2020


Note: The USA TODAY Network is launching a series on the Latino community in the U.S. called Hecho en USA, or made in America. Roughly 80% of all Latinos living in the U.S. are American citizens. But media coverage of Hispanics tends to focus on immigration and crime, instead of how Latino families live, work and learn in their hometowns. Hecho en USA tells the stories of the nation’s 59.9 million Latinos – a growing economic and cultural force, many of whom are increasingly born in the United States.
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