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Fri Jan 17 17:26:54 PST 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!

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 This Week's Topic: GOOGLE

1. VIDEO & ARTICLE ... The Trick to Managing Multiple Calendars
2. COMMUNICATING ... Before making a suggestion, ask this...
3. LEADERSHIP ... #2 Egalitarian Leadership, Preface


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GOOGLE - The Trick to Managing Multiple Calendars

Everyone wears different "hats" in their life -- one for home, work responsibilities and other stuff. When it comes to keeping all the dates in your calendar though, things can get a bit tangled up.

For example, I add to my calendar items for:

[Google calendar]

·     Home -- Medical appointments, birthdays, reminders to pay bills, etc…

·     Work -- Meetings, to-do items, special tasks.

·     Projects -- Special items where I collaborate with colleagues outside of my organization, church or school committees.

Keeping everything in one calendar is ideal, but there are times I just want to view my work or home-related items. Or perhaps I need to share my calendar with colleagues or project committee members… and they don't need to see my personal appointments.

So what is the trick to viewing, scheduling and managing all of your intertwining calendar items? In Google Calendars (and Outlook too) I can create multiple (different) calendars and choose to view one, two, or all of them at one time as needed.

This means I have the ability to:

1. View ALL or any ONE of my multiple calendars. I just check a box to select which one(s) to view, such as my work projects for the week, my family events, or tasks associated with a project.

Viewing multiple calendars.

[full view]

Viewing just my personal calendar.

[viewing one calendar]

2. Share a specific calendar with someone else. I can invite colleagues or committee members to view a particular calendar associated with that project and they will only view the items on that page.

NOTE: Do you use Outlook instead of Gmail? If so, see how to create multiple calendars in that software. (Tech-Talk article<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001kfg5GCVccFe7gB4Vd_aLn6wuMLpYLq4n0FTpTSCLgtRzL2jWX0GmnbFP5ioaTINc4uDU6-fr_1KaiffijYZHPyjQqI8M7hUZH8iFMGh9T_jNZWaG9893B1hbsGji3HfvOxKN_DiidQ6k2gDhtM6NlIGNRT6jrDgVU-ixX-CmcduMutLXvQCoo10bSaBLkPILFbpCPMwWCtI=&c=bW8U2IR9D22F_3ATASiTMF3L-YCI2z7tH-tSsZfPc4uGNkuhk5kZ9w==&ch=Ycz6nO3Oexus6OdMi7oPCo7YsA-KPgLrVy9QsWvBJdMs0t8ICfZnCg==>)

Layering Google Calendars

Within Google Calendars (both the free version and the paid Google Apps), you have a primary calendar that is displayed each time you log in. However, you can also create as many additional or secondary calendars as you would like.

[create a new calendar]

Create a New Calendar

·     Open your Google Calendar.
·     In the left menu, next to Other Calendars, click on the plus (+) symbol and choose to Create new calendar.
·     Give your calendar a Name and add a Description (optional).
·     Click the Create Calendar button.
·     The new calendar will now appear in the left menu area.

Give Your Calendar a Color


You can assign a base color to each of your calendars to make it easier to find items and view.

For instance, my Personal calendar items are green. Instead of changing the color each time I add a new item, this setting changes the color for all items in that calendar.

·     In the left menu under My calendars, locate the calendar and click the Options link (3 vertical dots).
·     Select a color from the grid or click the plus (+) to create a custom color.

[toggle on of off]

Toggle Your Calendars to View or Hide

Now that you have more than one calendar, you can toggle them On or Off. Use the checkbox next to each calendar name to View (checked) or Hide (un-checked).

Google will remember your settings and open all (or some) of your calendars each time you log in. It's that easy!

Add an Event to a Specific Calendar

When you have more than one calendar, you will need to select which calendar you want the item to be assigned to. It will always default to your primary calendar. To select a secondary one, use the drop-down menu next to the calendar icon.

[pick new calendar]

Collaborating and Sharing with Others

Once you have set up multiple calendars, it gives you the ability to partition the items on each calendar off – so that you can share only what you want with others.

In next week's tip we'll look at making calendars public. (You'll need to do this first to make everything else possible.) This gives you the ability to share with other people, publish it to a website – or see someone's calendar availability.


Communications: Talking
Ask "Are you open to..." before making a suggestion

It was a Thursday night, when Project Runway was on TV. In case you're not familiar with this show, it features a group of fashion designers competing to be the best and win a big prize.

The designers can be protective of their designs. And at the same time, they are willing to help, especially when someone has a problem.

It was at during the show, when one of the designers was having trouble, that I heard another one ask "Are you open to ..." Wow, I thought, that's a great statement.

What a wonderful way to lead up to a suggestion! It shows respect and warms up the receiver to being receptive to the new idea.

We all like offering ideas to others, right? We see ways we can help and assume the individual will welcome our solutions.

Just remember, before you offer up your thoughts, ask "are you open to hearing a suggestion," "are you open to making a change," "are you open to an idea?"


Leadership Ideas
#2: Egalitarian Leadership - Preface

This book was originally written for managers and supervisors, but the principles and techniques can work for everyone. The ideas presented here are for you and your team members ... regardless of position.

Egalitarian Leadership is the result of many years of working with people in both large organizations (corporations, nonprofits and governmental agencies) and smaller entities (local businesses and entrepreneurial ventures).

Let me tell you how it all got started.

It was a dinner outing I would never forget. Sitting at a table with industry colleagues (communication managers from world class, global corporations) I was part of the Xerox team, designated as one of seven “Best Practices” companies by the American Productivity and Quality Center.

Our presentation had been highly applauded, so people clamored to go to dinner with us, hoping to glean more insight into the method of our success with management communications.

Sitting on my right was Maytag; on my left, Federal Express.

It was when I heard, “Oh, you're an egalitarian” from one of the gentlemen (in a somewhat disparaging tone), that I realized my thinking was different. I fumbled with justification then, but that was years ago.

Today I would say, “Of course! Aren't you?”


NOTE: Egalitarian means "relating to, or believing, in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities."

Ask Yourself ...

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of an egalitarian thinker am I in the workplace?"

To leading in many ways,


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