[Libs-Or] A farewell to Hillsboro

Stephanie Chase acornsandnuts at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:28:22 PDT 2020

As some of you know, Friday was my last day with the Hillsboro Public
Library – the joke is that I’m retiring (I wish). I’m taking a break to
spend some time with my family, to explore getting a PhD (in organizational
development), and continue my consulting work; I remain on the Public
Library Association Board of Directors and will happily continue to
represent the needs of PLA and public libraries everywhere on ALA Council.I
want to be sure to share the posting for my position; it’s a fantastic
opportunity to work with an engaged and empowered staff, in a rapidly
growing community of 100,000+ in the most diverse city in our state, and
that uses the library at a heavy rate (almost a million visits to our two
locations annually, and nearly 3 million circs). Here’s a link to the page
with more information:
as well as the job brochure:
https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/home/showdocument?id=25508.It’s been a
wonderful opportunity to be part of such a fantastic group of colleagues.
Your commitment and collegiality inspire me every day! I’ll see many of you
around, but if you’d like to stay in touch, my personal email is
acornsandnuts at gmail.com (from which this message was sent) and you can
always find me on Twitter at @acornsandnuts

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